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Automated and secure SaaS management. With Blissfully, you gain critical visibility into the relationship between your people and apps.

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SaaS Explosion = SaaS Chaos

The average company pays for 20x SaaS subscriptions than 5 years ago, and uses 30+ free SaaS products. Those numbers are projected to double, making spreadsheet-based SaaS management impossible. Let Blissfully help manage your SaaS chaos.

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How Blissfully Works

All the tools you need to take control of SaaS usage and spend across your organization.

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Discover apps automatically

Powerful integrations with GSuite, Quickbooks, Okta and more, enable Blissfully to surface the apps your teams love to use (and some they don't.)

Optimize SaaS spending

Accurately track and report SaaS spending across all teams and apps, enabling you to eliminate overlap and waste. Improves forecasting for fast growing companies.

optimize saas spend
automate saas workflow

IT Workflow automation

Blissfully eliminates tedious, manual work by identifying and alerting you to upcoming renewals, streamlining employee onboarding and offboarding, and more.

Improve security

See permissions across apps. Audit trail for access rights. Detailed offboarding tracking to make sure no one has access to data that shouldn't.

improve saas security

The Blissfully Journey

SaaS proliferation doesn't have to be a problem. Go from chaos to bliss in minutes.

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Knowing is half the battle. Blissfully automatically detects SaaS app usage and spend across the company, including Shadow IT and free apps, within minutes. Daily updates create a foundation for ongoing optimization.

optimize saas spend


Once you've organized your apps, Blissfully helps optimize spending by identifying under-used applications or licenses, duplicate or orphaned subscriptions, and tracking all upcoming renewals.

improve saas security


Cloud apps have deeper access to your organization's data than ever before. We help you manage and control your cloud footprint, audit access and permissions to minimize risks. Compliance audits like SOC 2 and ISO 270001 will be a breeze.

automate saas workflow


The final step to SaaS bliss is IT automation and simplified workflows. Blissfully automates and tracks a lot of the messy work around employee onboarding, offboarding, app provisioning, and more.

Blissfully helps me manage the SaaS sprawl in our organization. I can easily onboard new employees to the apps that they need, make sure I’m not wasting money, and helps me prepare for our security audits. In an age of SaaS proliferation, Blissfully is a must have.
Greg RatnerFounder and CTO

We offer enterprise-grade security, with third party audits and validations including SOC 2 Type II.
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