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Blissfully gives you the visibility and tools to take control of SaaS across your organization.

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The Complete SaaS Management Platform

automatically discover and track saas

Discover and Track SaaS Apps Automatically

See all of your SaaS apps, who's using them, and how much you're spending on them.

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Optimize SaaS Spending

Eliminate wasteful spending by identifying inactive accounts, extra licenses, and apps with overlapping product functionality.

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automatically discover and track saas
automatically discover and track saas

Easily Manage All of Your Vendors

Replace your dreaded SaaS spreadsheet. Use one platform to view invoices, manage renewals, create approval workflows, and track compliance.

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Onboard and Offboard Seamlessly

Quickly onboard new hires and securely offboard former employees with a centralized, collaborative system for IT, HR, Team Leads, and all employees.

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automatically discover and track saas
offboarding compliance

Establish a Compliance System of Record

Be prepared for your next audit. Automatically create and maintain a provisioning record for all of your SaaS applications.

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Empower Your Entire Organization



IT & Security

Team Leads

All Employees

SaaS management is a team sport. Eliminate bottlenecks by giving everyone access to the information and tools they need.

automatically discover and track saas

Enterprise Grade, Fully Audited Security

Earning and maintaining our customers' trust is our top priority. We invest heavily in policies and controls, technical security, and a culture of vigilance.

SOC 2 (Type II) Compliant • Encryption at Rest and in Transit • End-user Auditable Logs

Secure Access Controls • Penetration Testing • 3rd Party Audits

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"Now from day one, new hires are set up with everything they need. We used to do a lot of chasing peope around... and hope that by the end of the first week the new hire would get access to everything they needed."

Josh Marcus-Hixson, Director of IT and Security

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