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Asana is among the most popular project management programs presently available on the market. Asana is a project management and task management application that makes the progress of communication and collaboration smooth between teams. With Asana, you can build projects and tasks within projects and track the progress of these tasks from different browsers as well as devices. Then you can add your team members to the projects and tasks, share files, and communicate with them.

After configuring Asana, it reduces the need to utilize email and third-party applications for business communication. Sharing notes, downloading different attachments’ formats and organizing tasks becomes easier, and finally, this is reflected in optimized workflows and effective delivery times. As soon as the task is changed or assigned, Asana users will be notified in their inbox, and are asked to check, monitor, comment or like the update. One can even call attention to a particular user by merely mentioning it in the task's comments to ensure they are aware. The same method applies to any project-related activity; because it is a key mechanism that Asana makes use of to balance the timely delivery of the project and the proper communication.

In My Tasks feature, one can make tasks for oneself and see what others are assigning to one. In addition, you can assign priorities to put your day in order. If you are in your e-mail and find something you need to keep in mind or have someone else deal with, you can, with Asana, assign the task by the use of email. Asana has a conversation feature too, so you can talk about a task within a task instead of a series of emails or other non-harmonized programs. This ensures that the conversations, instructions, as well as files, are held by the task they are connected to, which makes it easier for you or your teammates to have all the information they need.

Asana in Action

Asana is mostly based on the web, which means you use it in your browser. No desktop applications, but there are mobile applications. Everybody in the team has an Asana account, and someone creates projects and teams. Users join projects and teams as needed. Every project has a list of tasks. Each task can have subtasks, and recipients, expiration dates, attachments, comments, tags, as well as followers. You utilize these tasks and subtasks to trail work. The comments and other data are quite helpful; with them, you will be aware of what's going on with the task. You do not have to talk about problems by email or otherwise.

Once your tasks and subtasks are finished, all your history and everything that has happened will be added to the task itself. The work is now in the context of all the conversations about it, the movement that has passed, etc. Asana shows you some information related to all of this work (in the Dashboards); for instance, the number of tasks that were accomplished during the project over time. Much information comes from personalized research or even from a list of other people's obligations to see what's on the board and when it's because of that.

Mobile Access

Fortunately, Asana has invested in free original applications for Android as well as iPhone users. These applications are pretty rudimentary, but let users make and handle tasks, receive automatic notifications, attach files, and navigate through their inbox. If you cannot/do not want to get one of the native applications, you can as well make use of the website optimized for Asana mobile devices (at Several users have utilized the original iOS app and optimized website and did not notice any visible differences. Asana, however, recommends making use of one of the native applications, if possible. Asana's help guide contains sections for users of iOS and Android, so go there for more information.


This feature lets you give out helpful links to teammates, projects, tags, and tasks from any notes or comments field in Asana. Kindly set the symbol @ before writing the information you want to link (just like on Twitter). Hyperlinks can amplify the effectiveness of work by linking files and relevant information, helping to label dependencies for a clearer comprehension of the workflow and facilitating the inclusion of the followers into the task.

Color-Coded Projects

In Asana, you will be able to color-code your projects in a unique way for your personal view of Asana. Colors can be utilized to quickly visualize your projects, but they are also useful for categorizing different types of work (for example, you can use blue for marketing projects, green for business projects, orange for meeting projects, and so forth) or mark the priority status of your work (red for p1, yellow for p2, etc.).

How much is Asana?

The free version of Asana is accessible for teams of up to 10-15 individuals. Asana Premium charges $9.99 per user per month when it is charged annually and $11.99 per user per month when charged per month.

What is a workspace in Asana?

A workspace is the top-level organizational unit in Asana. Each project and task has a connected workspace. An organization is a special type of work space that stands for a company. In an organization, one can group one’s projects into teams.

How do I assign a task in Asana?

Make a task or subtask and complete the description, expiration date, as well as attachment. Click the transfer field from the task details in the right pane. Click the People icon on the right side of the assignee field. Add a team up or individual members to whom you want to assign copies.

How do I delete my Asana account?

Select your profile image in the top bar and select My Profile Settings. Go to the Email tab, and then select Remove Email. Enter the email address that you want to delete. Click the Remove Email button.

How do I delete a task in Asana?

The task can be removed in three ways: On the main panel: Click/select the task you want and press the Tab+Backspace key on the keyboard. From the sidebar: the sidebar may give way. In the right pane: Click the three-point icon and select Delete task from the drop-down menu.

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