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Autopilot is visual marketing automation and customer journey software. Acquire, nurture, and grow high-paying customers, fast. Get started free.
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Autopilot is software designed for companies' and businesses' multi-channel automation needs. The software can help your company or organization connect with its marketing systems and structures, automate sales and marketing touch-points while rounding up more customers for you.

Autopilot connects perfectly with your favorite applications and software to boost the journeys of your customers, with the in-house integrations such as Twilio, Lob, Segment, Salesforce, and more.

Autopilot's end-to-end marketing automation tools can give your sales and marketing teams independence from IT. Your team members can execute their projects from wherever they may be on the globe using the drag and drop automation builder. The software also offers campaign management and Return on Investment (ROI) reporting. Autopilot work very well with sales, marketing and customer relations by ensuring that it stays in touch with all your customers and their various needs.

Lead Capturing

This feature enables users to capture lead data from any app, blog, or website. Users do not have to worry about rebuilding landing pages from scratch before they can begin to capture lead data. Using the software's tracking code, you can begin to capture submissions from already existing forms or landing pages.

Automated Emails

You can customize and automate your marketing email accounts with Autopilot. The software helps businesses and organizations improve their email performance by issuing follow up messages at specific times. You can upload your branded HTML templates so that you still have the look and feel of your company emails. If you do not wish to import an HTML template, you can as well make your HTML email editable. This feature allows you to automatically pull up names, email addresses, and birthdates from your contact records.

Multi-channel Marketing Journeys

Using the multi-channel marketing journeys, users of this software can send the right messages to the right people and at the right moments when the recipients are most likely to be receptive to the messages. Using the Salesforce integration, you can automate your marketing, and send custom messages, as well as design workflows and processes. The software gives you the ability to design and publish your journey using the drag and drop option.

Insights and Reporting

Using the insights and reporting tool, users of Autopilot can measure the effectiveness of their automated marketing program. Businesses and organizations can visualize the impacts of revenue, view summaries and trends of both user and email performance data. You are provided with information in real time, allowing you detect changes to your marketing programs as they happen. Generated reports can be filtered by date, journeys, or individual email touch points.


Autopilot offers you 2 pricing options to choose from - The Base and Business plans. The Base Plan costs $20/month and includes Unlimited Journeys, Emails, Headup, SMS, Segments & Reporting, and Slack & Zapier Integrations. The Business plan costs $40/month and it includes Salesforce Integrations, & API Access, A/B Split Testing, Journey Reviews, and many more.

Who is Autopilot for?

Autopilot is designed for marketers, operations managers, product owners, as well as sales and success managers who desire to engage their customers and create an enjoyable experience for them.

How do I pay for the software?

Go to Settings, choose a plan and the number of contacts you require, and then input your credit card details. You can pay by invoice if you will be paying annually for $3,500 or more.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my account later?

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your Autopilot account any time you wish. However, whatever changes effected will not take effect unit the next term has started.

Who is a contact on Autopilot?

A contact on Autopilot is a person who has a unique email address.

How can contacts be added on Autopilot?

On Autopilot, contacts can be added in so many ways including filling out a tracked form by a user, importing data from your Salesforce CRM, or through an uploaded list.

Does Autopilot offer users any free trials?

Yes, Autopilot offers you free trial periods.

How long do the free trials last on Autopilot?

The free trial period on Autopilot lasts for 30 days.

Am I required to fill in my credit card details to partake of the free trial on Autopilot?

Your credit card details are not required to sign up for the free trial.

What features will I get on the 30-day free trial on Autopilot?

You will receive all the features of the paid plans for the duration of the free trial.

What happens to my Autopilot account after my free trial ends?

When your free trial period on Autopilot ends, you will be prompted if you wish to make payments to subscribe to any of the paid plans.

What payment options does Autopilot accept?

Autopilot accepts payments from Credit Cards, and Invoices if you are working with a sales representative.

What are journeys on Autopilot?

On Autopilot, the word journey is used to describe the path that a contact goes through.

What data does Autopilot sync?

Autopilot syncs part or all of your Contacts, Leads, and Accounts as records on the software.

How does the sync process work on Autopilot?

Autopilot's sync process is bi-directional, meaning that if you update a record on one system, it will automatically be uploaded to the other system.

How many times in a day does Autopilot sync with Salesforce?

The synchronization process occurs automatically every 10 minutes.

On the Autopilot software, how do I delete an Account, Contact or Lead?

You can delete them in the Salesforce integration which will automatically remove them the next time the automated sync occurs.