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BambooHR’s #1 HR software for small and medium business sets HR free to do great work.
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BambooHR is an online based human resource software service developed for small and medium scale businesses. With BambooHR, you can perform all the important human resource function, such as storage of employee data and information, payroll management, as well as recruitment processes.

BambooHR is a Human Resource Management System software that incorporates a number of processes to safeguard the management of employees’ data and information. With BambooHR, it has become easy to track applicants, making it much easier to find and select the right people. BambooHR provides businesses with employee data such as healthcare data, family information, and contact information for employee directory.

BambooHR also provides its users with the possibility of integrating it with over 20 human resource systems, and business management applications. The system also includes Expense Tracking & Reporting, and Administration Benefits. With BambooHR, prospective buyers are presented with a pricing scheme tailored to suit the needs of their clients.

Applicant Tracking System

Unlike other human resource systems, BambooHR makes hiring employees and their management a lot easy. With it’s easy to understand interface, job openings are displayed in a separate tab, where you can see all applications, applicants’ leads, and also choose or eliminate applications as they arrive. You can also create new job openings with important details, such as Contract Type, Salary, and Duration, etc. The job opening can then be shared on popular social media networks, so applicants can get to see them and

Employee Onboarding

BambooHR provides a safe landing for new employees by equipping them with an email containing training information, and access to all company files and documents. This feature can save human resource managers time, as new employees can input their personal information into the system, and form a connection with all the other employees, sharing information, training, and upcoming events.

Reporting Features

With BambooHR’s quick, custom, and precise reporting feature, it makes it easy to create reports on any data on the system with a few clicks. The system can also be used to extract benefit reports. These reports are based on data stored and grouped in the cloud’s database and will summarize and consider all applicable taxes automatically. The reporting can be done using any of the BambooHR clients, including mobile devices.

Role Based Access to Information

BambooHR provides its users with role-based access to information. Operators of this system are managers and administrators who are responsible for delegating tasks to other users highlighted on their dashboard. They are the ones responsible for creating employee profiles and inputting all relevant information into their portfolios. The system makes it possible to use your account to manage business activities from the same dashboard.

What features does BambooHR offer?

BambooHR offers a number of features including Employee Self Service, HR Management, Payroll, Performance Record, Software Customization, Timesheet, Applicant Tracking, Document & Recruiting Management, Email Integration, Employee Onboarding, and Mobile Access.

Can BambooHR work for my business?

BambooHR can fit different types of businesses including startups, small, medium and large scale businesses.

How much revenue does BambooHR generate?

According to fresh data, BambooHR generates around $100 - $500 million per year.

Why should I choose BambooHR?

You should choose BambooHR because it will save you the stress of using spreadsheets, saving you time to do other things.

What incentives have been put in place for small businesses at BambooHR?

BambooHR understands how difficult it can be for small businesses to find pricing and solution that works, which is why they have designed a flexible HRIS system pricing plan that conforms to your dynamic needs.

Do I need any expertise in IT to use BambooHR?

BambooHR is easy to use and very powerful. You can even customize the fields, table and tabs, create your user groups, as well as integrate with other applications such as payroll.

What mobile platforms is BambooHR available in?

BambooHR is available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Is the BambooHR for mobile devices free?

Yes, the BambooHR mobile apps are absolutely free.

How do I create an account with BambooHR?

Blissfully can help you get started with BambooHR. Just reach out to

What can I do to recover a lost password?

Simply go to the login page, click on Forgot Password, enter a valid email address and a password recovery link will be sent to you to.

How can I update my information?

If a field is available for update, you will be able to select the field and type in new information. Click on Save after updating the information.

How do employees request for time off?

With BambooHR, employees can request for time off from the comfort of their home, by simply clicking on the Request Time Off button in the My Info pane, filling out the corresponding fields, and clicking on Send Request.

Will employees be notified if my time off has been approved?

Yes, employees will receive an email if their time off has been approved or denied.

Can employees cancel a time off request?

Yes, they can cancel a time off request, provided the time off is still pending.

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