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CRM software geared towards scientifically making your small business, mid-market or enterprise sales team 10x more productive. Sell more with Base!

Product Information


Base CRM is an all-in-one sales platform which features phone dialing, tools for email, pipeline management, reporting, forecast and many more. Base CRM is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Base CRM helps you to improve your team's sales productivity significantly. It also provides you with sales tools which are necessary to expand your business. Base CRM allows you to enhance your business' relationship with your customers by storing and syncing all their emails. You can also store recordings, notes, and call records that you have shared with them and your partners.

Base CRM also ensures that you can access the software even while you are away from business by providing you with mobile applications. The mobile application will ensure that you remain on top of your business anywhere in the world. The software also offers you the ability to track your productivity and boost sales. Base CRM can be synced with applications such as Gmail and Outlook.


With Base CRM, you can easily communicate with team members using intelligent tools for calling, emailing, and many more. Using the tool's comprehensive email intelligence, you can know what is going through the minds of your prospects, as well as the best time to approach them. You can also use Email Sentiment Analysis and Read Notifications to further work hand in hand with your prospects. The software provides users with a number of easy to use email applications thereby reducing the time used in switching between applications and looking for templates.


With Snap for Base CRM, you can sync your data and tools to the software's API. You can connect easily to tools that you love, using the out-of-the-box integrations that are built to produce instant results. Base's APIs and SDKs make it possible to build the foundation to set your integration project up for success if you're working on a small scale project, or designing large scale integration. Developers from named brands use Base CRM to build on the platform. Some of these popular brands include Launchcloud, Peritus, and Iowa Wind and Solar.


With Base CRM's in-built integrations, you can increase your businesses productivity. Some of these applications include Zendesk, Base, Slack, Dropbox, and many more. The software gives you the ability to browse through integrations based on services they provide such as Analytics, Content Management, Productivity, Customer Support, and many more.


Base CRM offers you three pricing options to choose from - Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan costs $45/seat/month and is billed annually. It offers you Basic Sales Tracking and Customer Management. The Professional plan costs $95/seat/month and is also billed annually. This plan offers you Complete CRM as well as Reporting for Growing Business. Lastly, for $145/seat/month billed annually, you get Core Sales Platform for Data-Driven Enterprises on the Enterprise plan. All of these plans include many other features such as Customized Sales Pipeline, Full-Featured Mobile CRM, Task Automation, Lead & Deal Scoring, and a host of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Base CRM charge users for in-app calling?

Base CRM provides you with a trial version that comes with $1 of call credit which is about 50 minutes in talking time.

How do I get additional credit for in-app calling on Base CRM?

On Base CRM, you can purchase additional call credit whenever you need it. Click HERE to view all the call rates.

Must all users be on the same pricing plan?

Yes, Base CRM requires all its users to be on the same pricing plan. It is impossible for example to have some users on the Professional plan, and others on the Enterprise plan.

What kind of payments does Base CRM accept?

At Base CRM, all the major credit cards are accepted. You can also be issued an invoice payable by bank transfer or check for annual subscriptions with over 20 users.

Can I use different add-ons by mixing and matching them?

Yes, you can. For example, you can purchase the Connect Standard Add-on, as well as the Snap Advanced Add-on.

Does Base CRM offer free trials?

Yes, Base CRM offers you free trials.

How long does the free trial last?

Base CRM offers you free trials which last for 14 days.

What features does Base CRM offer on the free trial?

Base CRM offers you free trials which include all the Base features.

How do I choose a paid plan after the free trial elapses?

After the 14 days free trial period elapses, and you are ready to activate your account, you will be provided with the option to choose which plan you will like to be on.

Can I compare plans based on features?

Yes, you can compare plans by features. Click HERE to select a feature by plan comparison.

How do I import a file from excel to my Base CRM account?

To do so, simply Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel > File > Save As > then change the format of the file from Microsoft Excel to Comma Separated Value, then click Save.

How do I print on Base CRM?

To print on Base CRM, launch your browser, then click on the menu icon which is mostly found at the top right corner, then click on Print.

Can I increase my email quota on Base CRM?

At the moment, Base CRM limits account to sending 300 emails per day. If you surpass this cap, please contact support for help.

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