How Blissfully Helps with SOC 2 Compliance


What is SOC 2 Compliance?

SOC 2 compliance is an increasingly common framework and applies to many businesses today. Specifically, SOC 2 applies to any service provider that stores customer data in the cloud. It is quite relevant to SaaS businesses, but also to many others who store their customers’ data in this way. SaaS vendors in particular need to be SOC 2 compliant in many instances, especially when they sell to the enterprise. Enterprises are often beholden to a wide variety of security and compliance controls, and being demonstrably SOC 2 compliant as a vendor gives those enterprise customers the peace of mind they need to do business with you. In this article we will describe how using Blissfully for SOC 2 can make your next audit a breeze.
How Blissfully Helps Matrix

Blissfully for SOC 2

Internal Workflows

SOC 2 CC1: Control Environment

Workflows are at the heart of every organization. As an organization grows from two people to five to ten, and so on, these workflows can introduce security loopholes. SOC 2 CC1 addresses your control environment, of which workflows are a component.

Blissfully’s workflow suite includes predetermined workflows for the most common business tasks, including employee onboarding, offboarding, vendor requests, approvals, renewals, and terminations. It also includes the ability to build, save, and repeat your own customized workflows to match your particular internal processes.

When you use Blissfully for SOC 2 compliance, all your workflows are documented as exportable logs. When you decide to undertake a SOC 2 audit, you can easily pull these logs and present them as evidence to your auditors.

Vendor Management

SOC 2 CC5: Control Activities

As mentioned earlier, the average mid-sized company uses 120 SaaS tools. That’s a lot of vendors. Lack of visibility into who all these vendors are and how they interact with your company can be grounds for SOC 2 noncompliance. Maintaining unwieldy spreadsheets, while a common standard, fails to capture crucial real-time data regarding your vendors.

Blissfully solves this through a vendor management module. Within the module, you will find four essential tools to help you meet your compliance objectives:

Vendor management workflows

Under SOC 2, the control activities CC includes how you manage the entire vendor lifecycle. Our vendor management workflows tool gives you visibility on your entire vendor network. It also gives you the tools to delegate purchasing, downgrade, and upgrade rights to selected roles while maintaining an audit trail.

Document management

The vendor workflows module creates an audit trail using an intuitive document management system. As you consume SaaS resources, we listen in on all your subscriptions and collect and organize all your contracts, SLAs, invoices and other important documents. Such a documentary audit trail is vital during a SOC 2 audit.


Do you know whether your vendors have SOC 2 compliance? How about GDPR, ISO 27001, and CCPA? Blissfully pulls in vendor compliance statuses right into your vendor dashboard. With this data, you can curate a compliance matrix across your entire vendor network, an exercise crucial to demonstrating vendor compliance.


Blissfully vendor management brings in all your renewal data to one place. With such access, you can evaluate vendors for compliance factors before renewing. In this way, using Blissfully for SOC 2 transforms renewals from a passive activity into an active compliance-centered action.

SaaS Discovery, Security, and Monitoring

SOC 2 CC6: Logical and Physical Access Controls

While the broader CC6 framework considers both logical and physical access controls, Blissfully helps you manage logical access controls. We do this by giving you enhanced visibility of all the third-party apps in use at your organization.

App discovery and tracking give you a single source of truth as support for your SOC 2 compliance documentation.

Moreover, security monitoring provides ongoing access control data collection crucial to your SaaS security audit compliance. If a new app is added to your organization or there’s a user state change, Blissfully captures this data as exportable activity logs.

Through this data, you can demonstrate the measures you have taken to modulate logical access control across all your organization’s apps. Using Blissfully for SOC 2 compliance gives you a centralized view of all third-party SaaS apps in use in your organization, and tools to help you manage how your personnel interacts with them.

SaaS Codex and System of Record

SOC 2 CC9: Risk Mitigation

One of the challenges companies face when creating a risk mitigation plan is the lack of a system of record. A system of record is a single source of truth providing transparent, auditable data about a process within an organization.

Organizations using different SaaS products without a point of convergence struggle to create a unified system of record. Blissfully solves this by providing a converged system of record comprising an extensive SaaS codex with a robust system of record.

Here’s how it works:

You have multiple vendors. Blissfully collates all these vendors and pulls vendor data from the SaaS codex. Blissfully then automatically collects and compiles usage data on each. Such data will include users, admins, access rights, costs, and others.

With this data, we create for you a complete picture or system of record of your entire organization’s app ecosystem and usage. From this snapshot, you can create and enforce risk mitigation measures.

As you undertake risk mitigation measures, using Blissfully for SOC 2 will help you maintain a real-time system of record ready for your next audit.

In Summary

Using Blissfully for SOC 2 gives you the tools to help you meet requirements across four of the nine common criteria. Underpinning all these tools is an integrated system of record. Through this system of record, Blissfully gives you real-time insights and data into your SaaS ecosystem.

Using these insights and data, you can generate reports usable as credible proof towards your SOC 2 compliance. Whether you are seeking SOC 2 compliance or need greater visibility and control over your SaaS app ecosystem, Blissfully gives you the tools to drive your agenda.

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