Blissfully Product Update, Dec 5, 2019

This December the Blissfully team is bringing the holiday bliss! 🎄🎄

As you’re gearing up for the end of the year, we’d like to share an update on a few new features in Blissfully.

Data uploads

Looking to update Blissfully with additional data that you have in a spreadsheet? You can now upload data you’ve been tracking on your vendors and transaction/spend reports.

Leverage our new vendor data upload feature to ensure that all of your vendor data is comprehensive and up-to-date. From the Apps page, you can select “Upload more data” and follow the instructions to quickly add new data fields or overwrite existing fields for the Apps table.

Data Uploads Gif

You can also now upload csv files of transactions to ensure that Blissfully fully captures your spend data. Blissfully only requires that your upload file has the transaction date, transaction amount (in USD), and memo/vendor name to complete the upload. You’ll be able to view and manage the history of all files previously uploaded. Reach out to Customer Success to enable for your account and then access for Blissfully’s Labs page.

Transaction csvs

Zoom integration

Integrate your Zoom Video account with Blissfully to pull in your license data. View total license utilization, login activity, and potential underutilized licenses that can be reclaimed to save on SaaS costs. Connect your Zoom Video from the Integrations page on Blissfully (link) and having a Zoom admin enter their login credentials.

Zoom Integration

Webhook tasks

Blissfully now supports webhook tasks in any type of workflow, from employee onboarding/offboarding to vendor management to any custom workflows. You can create a webhook from the Webhooks Integration page. Learn more about creating webhooks in Blissfully in our Webhooks documentation

Add Webhook

Once your webhooks have been created in Blissfully, you’ll be able to add Webhook tasks to any workflow. Webhooks can be used to trigger other apps via Zapier or other custom integrations. View our

Google Group invoice detection

Blissfully by default does not scan for invoices sent directly to Google Groups to ensure strict security on our invoice detection. Now you can directly whitelist specific Google Groups for Blissfully to scan and detect invoices for. Add Google Groups for Blissfully scan on the G Suite Integration page.

G Suite Invoice

Workflow task configurations: “Start after” and “Due by” dates

You can now specify “Start after” and “Due by” dates for your workflow tasks to better manage your different workflows. “Start after” dates can be used to sequence and delay certain tasks while “Due by” dates can help set deadlines for when certain tasks need to be completed by. Combined with Blissfully’s task dependencies, you’ll be able to customize workflows to meet all of your different use cases.

Task Config

Updated compliance data for apps

We’ve refreshed our security and compliance data for applications in our SaaS directory. In addition to updated GDPR, DPA and EU Privacy Shield status, Blissfully now also shows SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliance. Check out the Apps page and switch to the Compliance view to view the status for the apps used across your organization and ensure that all of your vendors meet your compliance standards. You can also view the source for each status on each App’s detailed page.

Apps Page Compliance

Quality of life improvements

Page performance

Tracking apps, employees, and teams can result in a lot of data to view and understand. Blissfully has rolled our pagination across the app to improve performance so you can more quickly manage your SaaS graph

Detailed spend export

Exporting your Spend by App as a csv file from the Reports page now includes additional detail on the teams that use each app and the cost allocation across different teams.