December 2020 Product Update

Salutations from the start of the holiday season! In addition to whatever you're celebrating, we're bringing you a few extra gifts: new features. It's enough to brighten even the darkest winter day. (Southern hemisphere readers: we envy you.)

📖 View complete transaction data from accounting integrations

Need to know more about your transactions imported from your accounting tools? Now you can, with complete accounting source data in transactions. See every field we receive from tools like Quickbooks, NetSuite, Xero, and all our other Accounting & Finance integrations.

QuickBooks transaction details

📊 Understand workflow performance and history

Wondering how many onboardings you've done in the past three months? Worried about bottlenecks in vendor approval? Want to congratulate your top tasks performer? All of that and more is possible with our new workflow reports.

To see your workflow reports, navigate to Workflows > Reports in the left nav.

Blissfully workflow data

📅 View renewal dates in calendar

Track and launch all your renewals in one place. Blissfully's new renewal calendar lets you determine at a glance which apps you need to focus your procurement energy on, with key information in sortable columns. Launch a renewal or termination workflow right from the calendar to kick off the process.

To see the renewal calendar, navigate to System of Record > Reports, then select the Renewal Calendar tab.

Next 30 days upcoming renewals

📛 Rename & archive ticket templates

Take full control over your ticket template gallery. Correct mistakes in ticket templates or archive ticket templates you no longer need.

To rename or archive a ticket template, head to Ticketing > Gallery and edit the desired ticket. Edit the title field and save the changes to rename, or scroll down and hit the relevant button to archive.

Renaming a ticket tempate