How Blissfully Helps Your Vendor Management Process

Now that we’ve been through the entire vendor management lifecycle, we wanted to talk about Blissfully’s Vendor Management and how we can help guide your process.

This is part in a series about Vendor Management:

Blissfully Vendor Management

Blissfully is a complete SaaS Management Platform that works with hundreds of companies to manage technology throughout the organization. Blissfully’s vendor management helps business operations manage their quickly changing tech landscape and work in tandem with IT, Finance, Procurement, HR, Security and more to gain visibility and control of cloud-based software.

Visibility and Workflows

We create a system of record of all apps and vendors throughout the entire company as well as key metadata associated with each. This system of record stays always up to date by integrating with your core business systems.

Once we’ve done that, we help you manage the lifecycle of all your vendors with predefined workflows that you can customize to your company’s needs. These include:

  • Requests and justifications
  • Running the request through an approval process.
  • Defining how vendors and tools are rolled out to employees, including training and definition of key users.
  • Managing the renewal process, including security needs and negotiation points.
  • Guiding the termination process in a secure and complete manner that keeps your system of record up to date.

Blissfully’s workflows and system of record work together to keep your business humming: good processes keep the system of record up-to-date, and the understanding that visibility gives you helps tighten processes, letting you address all the symptoms of poor IT processes, including wasted spend, security risks and more.

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