Introducing Blissfully 3.0: a ServiceNow for the mid-market

We founded Blissfully in 2016 because we knew companies could be using technology better — to grow bigger, faster, smarter — and we wanted to help them. Our vision was grounded in the belief that technology gives people superpowers, and not only IT teams, but businesses as a whole need help exploiting all the benefits technology can offer. We even wrote a manifesto to share why we’re so deeply dedicated to this mission.

Creating A New Category: SaaS Management

Our first tool, the alpha product, had a simple goal, to help companies get visibility into all the technology they use today. Increasing transparency was a fairly easy sell, and we quickly had hundreds of alpha and beta customers giving us real-time insights into their biggest technology challenges. After a year of work, we were certain that our customers needs weren’t being addressed in the market, which is why we worked to create a new product category: SaaS management.

Mission Critical: Centralize Data

In 2017 we built a platform dedicated to managing SaaS apps, and it incorporated data from every app a company uses into one place. Conflicting information that was typically dispersed across spreadsheets and emails was now verified, centralized, and usable. Companies embraced the ability to see how much money they spent on apps as a whole, and how often individual apps were being used, because they had already told us this was a major operational need.

The Evolution: Blissfully 2.0

In 2019, after two years of expanding and enhancing our SaaS management offering based on customer and market feedback, we launched Blissfully 2.0, venturing beyond SaaS visibility towards full vendor management, including automations and workflows. At this point, we knew SaaS was no longer just a tool for select tech-savvy departments, but a critical component of every organizations’ IT infrastructure. In light of the pandemic, we’re seeing this trend rapidly accelerate. The line between ‘SaaS management’ and ‘IT management’ continues to blur.

The Opportunity: A Comprehensive IT Platform

Four years after we began our journey, companies still have IT living in multiple, disjointed systems, and manually reconcile their data in spreadsheets, if at all. This is where we saw a new opportunity, to create a modern, all-in-one IT platform that comprehensively solves the technology needs of mid-sized companies today. ServiceNow helps large enterprises with on-premise infrastructures, but it’s not built for mid-market companies: prohibitively expensive, difficult to deploy, weak SaaS management, and on-premise infrastructure reliance all cause friction.

The Solution: Blissfully 3.0 – ServiceNow for the Mid Market

We’re proud to announce the launch of Blissfully 3.0, a comprehensive IT platform built for modern, SaaS-first companies. we’re still devoted to being a leader in SaaS management, we see that as one part of managing the entire IT stack.

In our pursuit of making technology easier for companies to leverage, we’re adding the ability to manage all IT assets, from devices to SaaS apps to traditional software. Similarly, we’re introducing a modern employee help desk, including key workflows with the ability to assign tickets and tasks to anyone in the company. We’re also giving companies the ability to collaborate seamlessly across their entire organization with advanced role-based access control. Lastly, we’re opening up our API to enable customers to interact with our entire platform, from data to automations, via API.

And As part of our push to become the HubSpot of IT, we’re excited to announce that Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot, has joined our board.

Blissfully 3.0 is the most comprehensive IT platform on the market, designed specifically for SaaS first mid-market companies.

We can’t wait to hear what you think.