January 2021 Product Update

Like everyone else in the entire world, we here at Blissfully are happy to wave goodbye to 2020. To start your 2021 off right, take a look below at the slate of new features we recently released.

๐Ÿค Sync teams from BambooHR and Google Groups

Using BambooHR or Google Groups as your source of truth for teams? Keep Blissfully teams updated automatically with BambooHR or Google Group team sync! With sync enabled, Blissfully will create/archive teams and add/remove people to reflect corresponding changes in the source.

To enable team sync, head to the relevant integration, then select the Team Sync tab to find the checkbox to enable.

Turn on BambooHR sync

Turn on Google Group sync

โ˜‘๏ธ Select which teams to sync

Overwhelmed with your newly activated G Suite/Okta/BambooHR team sync? User groups and mailing lists clogging up your Blissfully team list? Pare down your synced teams and narrow your focus to just the teams that matter with our new team sync select feature.

To change which teams Blissfully syncs, head to the relevant integration in Settings > Integrations and click the Team Sync tab. Blissfully selects all teams/groups/departments to sync by default, so simply uncheck whatever you don't need to track in Blissfully.

Select which teams to sync from Okta

โฌ†๏ธ Upload teams from CSV

If you're in need of Blissfully teams that match a source of truth with no Blissfully integrationโ€”a spreadsheet, an org chart tool, your payroll systemโ€”we've got you covered: you can now upload your teams from a CSV.

To upload teams from CSV, just navigate to the Teams page and hit "Upload from CSV" in the top-right. The CSV upload wizard will guide you through the process. You can also download a CSV template by hitting "Upload from CSV", then "Download CSV template".

Upload teams from CSV

๐Ÿ” Filter Apps table by any properties

Our new table view has arrived on the Apps page. Display and filter on any properties you like, including custom properties, to see only the data you need. Save views to reflect different workflows and use cases like renewal, compliance, and shadow IT discovery.

Select filters for Apps table

๐Ÿ“Œ Pin saved views

Keep your team on the same page and save everyone a few clicks with pinned views. Pinned views are the default view any time you load a page that supports saved views: Apps, People, All Workflows, and All Tickets.

To pin a view, open the dropdown next to the view name and hit Pin. Pinning applies for all users, not just the person setting the pin.

Pin a saved view

๐Ÿ“Š Understand ticket performance and history

Wondering how many new vendor requests you've received in the past three months? Worried about bottlenecks in app access requests? Want to congratulate your top ticket tackler? All of that and more is possible with our new ticket reports.

To see your ticket reports, navigate to Ticketing > Reports in the left nav.

View ticketing metrics

๐Ÿ™ Let team members discover and request apps

Give everyone at your company the ability to browse, search for, find, and request apps. With Discover Apps, we combine our knowledge of your SaaS Graph with our database of apps in the market to provide a menu of software options to all your people.

Blissfully indicates which apps your company uses and intelligently guides people into new app requests or app access requests. Discover Apps also warns users when they request a new app that overlaps with an existing app, reducing duplicate tools and spend.

To enable Discover Apps for your organization, head to Settings > General > Employee Portal and tick the relevant box.

Discover apps based on category

๐Ÿ—‚๏ธ Archive people

People created with the wrong details, hires that never actually started working at the company, external users synced in from your SSOโ€”all digital artifacts that don't reflect the past or present reality of your organization.

Clean up that cruft with our new person archive feature! Just find the person you want to archive, then use the … menu in the top-right to archive them. Archiving a person removes them from reports and search.

Archive a person