New Guide: The Blissfully Guide to License Management


Today we’re announcing the launch of our License Management System, as well as releasing “The Blissfully Guide to License Management,” a guidebook to the license management process.

SaaS License Management Header

Blissfully’s new solution includes tools to discover unused licenses and subscriptions within an organization, identify redundant apps to optimize spending, connect data from IT, Business Operations, Finance, and more, all designed to make SaaS License Management simple, visible, and automated.

“Growing businesses today have reached an impasse, ” said Ariel Diaz, CEO & Co-Founder of Blissfully. “Employees and tech tools are being on and off-boarded daily, and without a central source of truth for the necessary information and processes involved, you wind up in a state of paralysis. Who do I speak to to get this tool? Do we have a CRM that does what I need? How many Salesforce seats do we have left? Blissfully’s License Management Tools provide one clear place for an organization to centralize its answers and processes.”

In addition, Blissfully has made available a License Management Guide for public consumption.

“Using SaaS Management Tool like Blissfully is an important step towards controlling the SaaS chaos at any business, and our guide is a great tool for businesses of any size to start implementing their own processes around SaaS management.”