November 2020 Product Update

Happy Fall! Hope everyone had a safe but spooky Halloween. (Of course, the real holiday is the day after Halloween, when all the candy is put on sale.)

A quick note before diving into the newly built features: ticketing is now live for all customers! The Ticketing section of the app appears below Workflows in the left nav. To learn more about ticketing, reach out by email or live chat to book time with Customer Success.

Now, read on for a sweet product update from the team here at Blissfully.

🗣️ Mention people in comments

Bring your colleagues in the loop without leaving the app. With mentions in comments, notifying coworkers that their attention is needed has never been easier. Just type @ to bring up a dropdown with people to notify. The comment box shows you who will receive a notification.

Mentions in Blissfully

🏘️ Add multiple G Suite tenants

Trying to track everything happening on one G Suite tenants is hard enough. Bring the same ease of Blissfully to additional G Suite tenants! Now you can track multiple G Suite tenants within Blissfully as seamlessly as you would with just one.

Looking to add more G Suite tenants to Blissfully? Contact customer success using the chat bubble at the bottom of the app, or head to Integrations > G Suite to see the screen below.

Add multiple G Suite tenants

🏷️ Add custom properties for people

The power of custom properties, now available for people. Track every data point for every person in your organization, then put that tracking to work by filtering for custom properties on the People page. Categorize and find people any way your heart desires.

Custom people properties are available in Settings > General > Custom Properties > Person Properties. You can edit a person's properties on the Properties tab of the person detail view.

Custom people properties

🔏 Control which teams can file which tickets

Trying to limit spurious app access requests? Looking to protect sensitive custom ticket types like onboarding and offboarding? Wish you could have different versions of the same request for different teams?

Our new ticket restriction feature makes all those dreams come true. For any ticket where not everyone needs access, jump to the Teams section when editing to specify exactly which teams should have access to a ticket type.

Restrict ticket access

🔑 Richer ticket notifications

Learn all the pertinent details of a request without leaving your inbox. Ticket notifications now come with the following details: ticket type, requestor name and email, related app (if applicable), survey results (if applicable).

Task notification email