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How Cloud-Native Companies Manage Their SaaS Apps

Almost 10 years ago, Marc Andreesen wrote that “software is eating the world.” Today it’s as t

July 26, 2019 in

The SaaS Vendor Approval Process Made Easy: A Checklist

Vendor approvals can be time-and-energy consuming if you don’t have a well defined process from th

July 24, 2019 in

Orphaned Subscriptions: The SaaS Problem You’re Unaware Of

Over the last decade, business IT has changed significantly. Computing has become more distributed,

July 19, 2019 in

IT Budget in 2019: Software vs. Hardware

Did you know that in 2018, the average cost per employee of SaaS subscriptions ($2,884) was higher t

July 17, 2019 in

Why SaaS Management Isn’t Only For IT Teams

It’s easy to assume that SaaS management is just another task for your IT team to handle but, unli

July 12, 2019 in

Five Important Questions To Ask About Your Business’s SaaS Tools

SaaS Today: More Popular Than Ever. SaaS usage is accelerating at a rapid pace across businesses of