Product Update Jan 2020: Assign tasks to teams, Expensify integration, and more!

The Blissfully team is starting off 2020 with a few new product features! 🎊🎊

We’re continuing to launch new capabilities to help with your SaaS Management New Year Resolutions.

👥Task Owner Roles

Blissfully’s workflows allow you distribute tasks to different employees/roles across your organization for different processes (employee onboarding/offboarding, vendor approval, etc.). Blissfully has now added new task assignee roles to ensure that tasks are assigned to the correct task owners with the right context for each workflow

Specific Team

You can now assign tasks to a group of people by assigning a task to a Specific Team. Tasks can be assigned to an entire team that has been defined in Blissfully. For example, you can assign vendor contract reviews to your Legal team or certain app provisioning tasks to your IT team. All members of a team will be notified when a task is assigned to their team and all team members will be able to claim the task or mark it as complete. Assigning tasks to a team also mitigates the risk of key individuals being out of office causing delays to key processes.

Assigning Task

Assign Task Gif

App Owner and Workflow Initiator

For Vendor or App workflows, you can now assign tasks to the App Owner. In Blissfully, you can set the App Owners and App IT Admins for each app that you track on the Apps page. App Owners are typically the individuals that own the business relationships with vendors (e.g., decide on plan, renewals) while App IT Admins are typically individuals that are responsible for administrating the accounts (provisioning/deprovisioning accounts). Some tasks in your vendor management workflows may be more appropriate to be assigned to your App Owners.

Other types of tasks might be logical to assign to whoever is launching a workflow. Those tasks can now be assigned to the Workflow Initiator role. The Workflow Initiator role can be assigned as to any task for any type of workflow.

Assigned To Image

💸Expensify integration

Understanding all of the SaaS spend across your company can be difficult with employees and departments making independent purchases. It can get even harder to know all of the subscriptions and vendors you are paying for when employees are purchasing transactions on their personal credit cards and getting reimbursed.

Blissfully’s Expensify integrations allow companies to integrate their expense data and connect an additional source of financial data. Blissfully will reconcile Expensify transactions with transactions from other sources (email, accounting) and identify additional SaaS vendors that are being used and paid for. Blissfully will also identify who submitted each expense and show the attached invoice/receipt (when available).

Expensify Integration

🔢Multiselect columns

Have multiple options for a property you want to track within Blissfully? You can now create “Select many” custom app properties on the General Settings page. Once you create a “Select Many” property and define the different options, you can assign them to each app on the Apps page. Multiselect columns can be used to track authentication options, data attributes, other associated apps and more! You can also filter the list of apps with specific values in a multiselect column using the Filters at the top of the Apps page.

Multiselect Columns Image

Quality of life improvements

Google Groups search

When adding a Google Group to a specific team’s onboarding plan, you can now search across all Google Group names.

Workflow tab on the App Details page

Vendor management workflows can now be launched from the Workflows tab on any given App Details page. There, you’ll also see any active or completed workflows that had been previously launched for that app.