Product Updates – August 2020


The Blissfully team has been working hard on new features to help your company manage your SaaS sprawl and IT challenges as we enter the summer season!

💸 Concur integration

Blissfully’s integration with Concur is now live! Connect your Concur account will Blissfully to pull in more spend data and complete your view of your SaaS spend. Blissfully will automatically match up your Concur transactions with other data sources to present a clear view of your expenditure. Check out our Concur documentation to get started.

🆕 UI refresh

Blissfully is rolling out a UI refresh across the application starting with the App Details page and a few others. We’ll be continuing to update pages over the next few weeks to give it a new look and feel!

📁 Bulk user/license import

You can now bulk upload user/license assignments from a csv file into Blissfully. Download your users/license list for each app and upload that data into Blissfully to update your system of record. Blissfully will automatically include app assignments in offboarding workflows to make sure you have good security hygiene!

🧠 SaaS Codex update

Blissfully has refreshed the compliance for apps in our directory. We’ve reconfirmed application’s compliance status with GDPR, DPA availability, EU Privacy Shield, SOC2 and ISO27001 with more information to be added shortly as well!

☕ Quality of life improvements

We’ve rolled out a few quality of life improvements across the app, including

New Rich text editor – Replacing our Markdowns editor, we’ve rolled out a new Rich Text editor to make text edits easier across the application

View and unarchive teams – On the Teams page, you can now filter to view archived teams and unarchive them if needed

Expanded renewal reminder list – App Owners and App IT Admins will now automatically receive any renewal reminders that have been set for the app’s renewal date