How to Address SaaS Spend Optimization with Blissfully


By: Ariel Diaz

Both SaaS spending and the amount of app subscriptions per company are expected to double by 2020. That means people are choosing their own technologies at massive scale because it’s good for business productivity. On the flip side, a lack of visibility into your team’s apps creates chaos down the road when it comes to SaaS spending, security, compliance, onboarding/offboarding, and more.

These days, companies tend to self-manage IT until they get to a certain size where they need to hire a full-time IT leader. When you’re small, you tend to know which apps everyone’s using, since you can just shout across the room or send a quick Slack message to find out. We call this approach “Informal IT” — where the level of visibility is still good, but the approach to managing SaaS apps is ad-hoc. When you’re more mature, chances are you have an IT department or a traditional approach to Enterprise IT, where vendor procurement, spending, security, compliance, and other tasks are centrally managed.

A Better Alternative to Enterprise IT: Collaborative IT

Informal IT can only get you so far, but the alternative (Enterprise IT) is often “worst case scenario” for growing companies who don’t want to slow down or negatively impact the company culture. If you have outgrown informal IT and want a better solution, it starts knowing which apps everyone’s using, and building processes across teams so you don’t have to centrally manage IT. Doing nothing could wind up really costly for your organization, with potentially thousands of dollars being wasted on unused, underused, or redundant apps. We created Blissfully to make it much easier to manage SaaS, allowing teams to embrace the idea of “Collaborative IT.”

Collaborative IT is a new way of working where the budget stakeholders (e.g. finance) and the end-users (e.g. team leaders) share responsibility for SaaS management. Using a collaborative IT approach, team leaders can regularly identify which apps are most useful to their teams, and budget stakeholders can gain much needed visibility into SaaS usage and spending. The ultimate goal is to create a single system of record to optimize SaaS spending across the board. That’s where Blissfully comes in.

Using Blissfully for SaaS Spend Optimization

Collaborating on IT (or anything, for that matter) is hard without some central point of visibility into what’s going on across the organization. Blissfully was designed to help teams that don’t necessarily have an IT management structure automate some of the biggest issues around SaaS management, including SaaS spend optimization. Here’s how.

  • Get an App Evaluation: If you’re using G-Suite, you can easily sign up for Blissfully for free, and run a scan to discover which apps your organization is using (you may have already done this!) With Blissfully’s app discovery capabilities, you can gain visibility into not only which apps are in use, but who’s using them, and how often. This insight can help you make key decisions around which apps are most valuable to your organization (and where cuts might need to happen).
  • Create a Budget Forecast: Using Blissfully, organizations can create annual budget forecasts, and automatically check quarterly spending against these forecasts. These spending reports can be segmented by app or team, to ensure that team leaders are staying within their allotted budgets for technology.
  • Track and Manage Vendors: Blissfully can be used to track all of your vendor invoices, alerting you to any price changes or subscription renewals so you’re never surprised.
  • Review App Usage: With Blissfully, team leaders can conduct quarterly or monthly checks to gain visibility into the app usage across their teams. These checks can help determine where technology use is most effective and efficient for teams, as well as identify areas where investments need to be made or changed.
  • Beyond Spending: Compliance, Security, and Workflow Management: SaaS mangement extends far beyond spending alone. That’s why Blissfully helps you automate onboarding and offboarding processes for employees, so the right people have access to the right apps they need to do their jobs (and that access is revoked when an employee leaves or changes jobs). In addition, Blissfully’s security and compliance features allow you to see permissions across apps and access detailed audit trails for access rights.

If you’re ready to let us help you embrace Collaborative IT and SaaS spending, see a demo of Blissfully’s SaaS spend optimization options today.