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Why SaaS Management Isn’t Only For IT Teams

It’s easy to assume that SaaS management is just another task for your IT team to handle but, unli

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A compass showing the way. Best IT Strategy in 2019

The Best IT Strategy in 2019 – 3 Key Practices

There was a time when IT (Information Technology) was a naturally centralized function. Information

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Chart showing saas stack turnover

SaaS Stack – How to Optimize for Flexibility

There’s a good chance that at least one of those hot new SaaS apps you’re about to implement org

A man using a phone and a computer, handling SaaS Management Challenges

SaaS Management Challenges High-Growth Companies Face

Managing IT in the era of SaaS proliferation can be difficult, especially since the command-and-cont

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Chart of SaaS spend optimization

SaaS Spend Optimization with Blissfully – How We Help

By: Ariel Diaz Both SaaS spending and the amount of app subscriptions per company are expected to do

A visualization of shadow IT

Enlightened IT, The New Paradigm to end Shadow IT

Shadow IT: A Brief History Enterprise IT was traditionally highly structured, expensive, and limited

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