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SaaS Security and Compliance for HR

The role of HR in ensuring SaaS security compliance in your company From C-level executives to your newest recruit, security is everybody’s business, and, as the gatekeeper of your company, HR has a critical role in ensuring your data security. As your company becomes larger, you add more...

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What HR Needs to Know About SaaS Security

How much do you know about SaaS security? How secure is your business on the cloud? Every employee SaaS account is a potential point for a cyber-attack, and data loss. Your businesses’s data might not be as secure as you think. The average Small-to-Midsized company uses about 100 SaaS apps...

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Employee Onboarding Process – How to Make it People-Centric

Employee onboarding is one of the most important experiences in someone’s time at your organization. Onboarding is when they not only receive the tools they need to do the job they’ve been hired for, but also form their first impressions of what it’s like to work with you and begin...