A vendor approval workflow showing that one must conduct a security assessment and review an annual budget. These are two important steps in the SaaS Vendor Relationship

SaaS Vendor Relationships Are (Still) Important

Getting long-term benefits from your SaaS purchases When you add a SaaS app from a new vendor to you

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An illustration of people performing all steps of IT SaaS Vendor Management

SaaS Vendor Management for IT Teams

SaaS Vendor Management for IT Teams Today, organizations have thousands of cloud-based apps availabl

December 6, 2019 in
Laptops on a desk at a cloud-native company

IT Budget in 2019: Software vs. Hardware

Did you know that in 2018, the average cost per employee of SaaS subscriptions ($2,884) was higher t

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Why SaaS Management Isn’t Only For IT Teams

It’s easy to assume that SaaS management is just another task for your IT team to handle but, unli

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Five Important Questions About SaaS To Ask At Your Business

SaaS Today: More Popular Than Ever. SaaS usage is accelerating at a rapid pace across businesses of

New IT

The New IT: From Helpdesk to Business Operations

A recent study from Cisco showed that the average organization has 15 to 22 times more cloud applica

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