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SaaS Security and Compliance for HR

The role of HR in ensuring SaaS security compliance in your company From C-level executives to your newest recruit, security is everybody’s business, and, as the gatekeeper of your company, HR has a critical role in ensuring your data security. As your company becomes larger, you add more...

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What HR Needs to Know About SaaS Security

How much do you know about SaaS security? How secure is your business on the cloud? Every employee SaaS account is a potential point for a cyber-attack, and data loss. Your businesses’s data might not be as secure as you think. The average Small-to-Midsized company uses about 100 SaaS apps...

November 22, 2019 in
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Three Reasons Why You Need an App Inventory

Employees used to just fall in line with whatever technology the IT department told them to use. But now, SaaS apps have made it much easier to choose the technology that works best for their jobs, with little to no oversight. The explosion of SaaS apps has also created an invisible issue of...

May 31, 2018 in
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Keeping SaaS Sprawl in Check: Three Key Questions to Ask

The widespread use of SaaS software is a good thing for organizations. People feel empowered to buy and use the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. On the other hand, SaaS usage can quickly get out of control from a workflow, spend, visibility, and security perspective if left...

May 29, 2018 in