SOC2 Compliance Checklist - Blissfully

How to Prepare for a SOC 2 Audit

A SOC 2 audit makes sure that an organization’s non-financial reporting controls comply with the T

March 3, 2020 in
A man using a phone and a computer, handling SaaS Management Challenges

SaaS Management Challenges High-Growth Companies Face

Managing IT in the era of SaaS proliferation can be difficult, especially since the command-and-cont

December 20, 2018 in

Why We Did our SOC 2 Audit a Month After our Seed Round

Most companies wait until their B or C round (or later) to start tackling key industry security audi

March 26, 2018 in
SaaS Tools for Startups

SaaS Tools for Startups, What You Need

Startups are built to solve specific problems. When starting out, we focus all our energies on solvi

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