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End-to-end recruiting software to help you attract & hire great employees with less effort.
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Breezy HR is a cloud-based end-to-end recruiting and HR software which helps users attract and hire qualified employees with little to no effort at all. The software is well integrated and easy to use, and it is suitable for small, medium and large scale businesses and organizations.

Using the drag and drop feature, you can customize pipelines and organize applicants in any order you see fit. Furthermore, the software allows recruiters connect with prospective candidates with ease via email using customized templates, auto-response, and interview scheduling features, making the whole recruiting process fast and organized. Breezy HR allows you to source candidates from other networking sites such as AngelList and LinkedIn. Using the Chrome browser extension, with just a single click, you can post openings to multiple jobs as well. The software is available on iOS devices, making recruiters access it on the go and in real time.


Candidate Management

Using the candidate management feature, you can get a broad view of your candidate pipeline. The software allows you to create different pipelines for various positions, and also customize the multiple stages of each pipeline so that they fit your business the right way. You can also create powerful automation which can help save you a lot of time.

Email & Scheduling

With Breezy HR’s email and scheduling features, you can now win back your days with automated candidate emails, interview management, and scheduling. With the perfect mix of customization and automation, you can save time and have quality conversations with candidates. You can send real-time rich-text emails to candidates from their profile, your Breezy HR inbox or any of the popular email clients.

Career & Referral Portals

Breezy HR encourages inbound applicants and enhances employer brands with employees and career referral portals. The portals are easy to build, use and very eye catchy. Breezy HR can also integrate seamlessly with already existing job portals to further increase candidate’s prospects.


Breezy HR integrates with more than 40 job and recruiting websites. Some of them include Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, StackOverflow, Google for jobs, WayUp, CareerBuilder, Dice, ZipRecruiter, etc.


There are four pricing options available to you on Breezy HR: The Bootstrap, Startup, Business and Pro plans. The Bootstrap is free and includes 1 Active Position, 1 Active Candidate Pool, Sourcing Extension, Branded Career Pages, Interview Self-scheduling, Privacy, Security & GDPR Compliance and many more. The Startup plan costs 140/month and includes Unlimited Positions and Candidate Pools, Email & Calendar Integrations, Customizable Recruiting Pipeline, Automated Stage-Actions, Tasks Management, etc. The Business plan at $299/month also includes Unlimited Positions and Candidate Pools, Multiple Recruiting Pipelines, Custom Interview Kits, Employee Referrals, External Recruiter Portal, Job Approvals, Customizable Scorecards, Automated Reference Checking, Customizable Interview Guides, and many more. Lastly, the Pro plan features Unlimited Positions and Candidate Pools, Single Sign-On, Advanced Analytics & Reporting, Developer API, Full Data Export, Custom Fields, Custom Data Migration, Custom Integrations and more. Contact Pro Pricing to find out pricing details on this plan.

What is Breezy HR?

Breezy HR is a platform that helps you recruit qualified personnel for your job openings and listings.

Who can use Breezy HR?

Breezy HR is designed for use for small, medium and large scale businesses. The software can also be used by independent individuals who require the need for a stress-free recruiting process.

How much does it cost to use the software?

Breezy HR is available to you in several independent pricing tiers based on the number of job openings that an organization has.

Does Breezy HR offer any free plans to users?

Yes, there is a free plan for you on Breezy HR.

Does Breezy HR require my credit card details for the free trial version?

No, Breezy HR does not require your credit card details to sign you up for the free trial version.

What features are available to me on the free plan on Breezy HR?

On Breezy HR’s free plan, you will have access to 1 active position, 1 active candidate pool, world-class resume parsing, branded career pages, interview self-scheduling, sourcing extension, privacy, security & GDPR compliance and email & calendar integration.

What operating systems can Breezy HR be accessed on?

Breezy HR is available for use on operating systems such as Windows 7, Mac OS, and Web Browser using the Agnostic OS.

Is Breezy HR available for mobile devices?

Yes, Breezy HR is available for use on iOS devices.

Does Breezy HR offer support to its customers?

Yes, Breezy HR offers support to its customers.

What kind of support does Breezy HR offer to its customers?

Breezy HR provides in-app as well as email support to all of its customers.

How can I reach Breezy HR via email?

Send an email to support@Breezy to get in touch via email.

Is Breezy HR available on any of the social media platforms?

Yes, Breezy HR is available on social media platforms.

What social media platforms can Breezy HR be reached on?

Breezy HR can be reached on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

How many countries is Breezy HR available in?

Breezy HR is available for use in more than 80 countries and over 6000 companies.

Can I import previously existing data from my ATS into Breezy HR?

Yes, you can import your previous data into Breezy HR. The software can help you do so if you wish, and you can also decide to do it yourself.

Does Breezy HR integrate with other Human Resource Information Systems?

Yes, Breezy HR integrates perfectly with other Human Resource Information Systems.

What Human Resource Information Systems does Breezy HR integrate with?

Breezy HR integrates fully with other human resource systems such as BambooHR and Namely. The software can also set up integrations with other HRIS systems for their customers.