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Test your website for cross browser compatibility on real browsers. Instant access to multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Get Free Trial.
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BrowserStack helps you to test your websites across a whole slew of devices and browsers for you to test the responsiveness and viewing that different users might see. Every website goes through extensive testing. There are quite some websites developed and being developed by the whole organization. There are over 200 desktop/mobile/tablet browser-platform combinations possible. The availability of over 1,000 different browsers and devices to test ensures that developers will be able to reach the widest range users possible. BrowserStack's list of devices factors in many important environmental characteristics, including Market share, Popularity, OS versions, Screen sizes, Upcoming devices, Launch year, Manufacturers.

Testing on these devices is made easy by using each device's default factory settings with its native interaction settings. This makes testing simple and effective -- as the tester will be seeing and interacting in the same way the user would. At this point, you are probably asking "How does BrowserStack work?" While BrowserStack has a wide variety of features, the product is fairly easy to use.

With responsiveness, you can view your site on a wide range of devices. There are so many devices that to view them is nearly impossible without a tool like BrowserStack. In Live view, you can enter your website and select the various browsers you would like to test on. If even want to test on older browsers, you can. This helps you to view various browser tweaks that you may have to make. BrowserStack keeps its features up to date so that you can test on upcoming browsers and operating systems as well. This helps with future development.

BrowserStack will save you a lot of time, headaches and embarrassment. Nothing makes a client happier than viewing their website without any strange, browser-specific issues. It will help you understand which types of layouts specific browsers will tolerate. This makes it more likely to avoid potential issues with future designs. The mobile device testing really makes BrowserStack worth every penny. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than keeping both Androids and iPhones around the office.

Likelihood to Renew It's simply a must-have tool. As a designer, you have to ensure your work is at least functional in older browsers. You also have to ensure that, when you design for mobile devices, any differences between platforms aren't problematic. BrowserStack enables testing your work in a fraction of the time, with a whole lot more accuracy.

With the sheer number of desktop browsers and mobile devices out there, it would be near impossible to have them all loaded on your system. Sure, you could install some virtual machine software, but why? BrowserStack is just a click away, and they have done all of that work for you. It is recommended to anyone who will listen. It's such a helpful tool.

Can I start simultaneous BrowserStack Live sessions using one account?

No, each user can only have one active BrowserStack Live session at a time. For multi-user plans, each user needs to have an individual account, even if they are part of the same Organization. Therefore, depending on the user limit, there can be multiple BrowserStack Live sessions per Organization, but only one per account.

Can I change browser settings on the remote browser?

Yes, you can change browser settings on the remote browser. BrowserStack Live is a customizable, interactive testing environment. You can enable/disable JavaScript, test upload, and download functionality, enable/disable popups, test authentication, and in general comprehensively test all the functional aspects of your site.

What if I leave the BrowserStack Live testing session idle?

By default, after 5 minutes of being idle, you will get a prompt to continue or terminate the testing session. If you do not respond after a minute, your testing session will be automatically closed. This limit, however, can be customized from the Live settings and can be extended to 10 or 15 minutes.