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Buffer helps manage your social media content. The primary function of this app is to share content across popular social media sites. It also offers the ability to spread content via the simplest approach. Buffer can connect you to all the social media websites, and at the same time, make it easy to create and schedule posts.

Instead of manually logging into sites like Twitter or Facebook, Buffer will help you do so at once. It also makes it very convenient for you to create new posts, and have them uploaded using just a click of your mouse. The software comes with a browser extension, which provides seamless integration with WordPress, RSS, Chrome as well as other content sniffing tools. Buffer’s analytics helps you determine when your posts will be effective the most. The embedded analytics features provide you with a smooth balance for small and medium scale businesses. The information provided helps you in terms of describing the number of clicks, potential reachability, mentions received and also retweets. All of this information will be displayed neatly to you, without necessarily overwhelming you. A number of brands such as Shopify, Business Insider, Intercom, etc make use of this software.



Buffer helps you schedule your social media posts for later. You can quickly and easily schedule posts for all your social media accounts, and the software will automatically push them for you, and in accordance with whatever posting schedule, you have put in place. You can schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Social Media Account Manager

You can use Buffer to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. It is very easy-to-use and can be done in less than 2 minutes. Thanks to Buffer, you no longer have to waste valuable time logging into multiple social media accounts. The software will help you keep track and manage them all for you. You can set your posting schedules to choose the dates and times that you want to publish to any of your accounts. Furthermore, it makes it easy to maintain a consistent social media presence, so that your following and influence can reach more people in order to expand.


You can use Buffer to track the engagements and interactions on social media posts which you have shared, in order to see how your content is performing across all your social media accounts. The streamlined analytics makes it easy to analyze your data expertly and quickly determine what type of contents generates the most presence with your audience. You can also dig into important metrics such as Reach, Comments, Mentions, Likes, Clicks and many more.


There are basically 2 pricing options available to you on Buffer: The Starter and Business Plans. The Starter plans further has 2 sub-plans; The Free one which includes 3 Social Accounts, 10 Scheduled Posts per Social Account, Browser Extension, iOS & Android Mobile Apps, Pablo Image Creator and many more. The Awesome plan costs $10 and includes 100 Scheduled Posts per Social Account, as well as other features from the Starter plan. The Business plans, on the other hand, has 3 sub-plans; The Small, Medium and Large Plans. The Small plan costs $99 and includes 25 Social Accounts, the Medium plan costs $199 and includes 50 Social Accounts while the Large plan costs $399 and includes 150 Social Accounts. All of these plans come with 2000 Scheduled Posts per Social Accounts and many more features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buffer?

Buffer is software that helps you manage your social media accounts. It helps you send out posts to your social accounts at any time you set it to.

Who can use Buffer?

Buffer can be used by all types of businesses that make use of social media to market their products and services.

What social media accounts can be used on Buffer?

You can use Buffer to manage your social media accounts on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Is Buffer free?

Yes, there is a plan on Buffer than you can use for free. However, if you want additional features, you have to subscribe to any of the paid plans.

What comes with Buffer’s free plan?

On Buffer’s free plan, you will be provided with 3 Social Accounts and 10 Scheduled Posts per Social Accounts.

How long does Buffer’s free trial version last for?

Buffer’s free plan lasts forever. You, however, have access to 7 days free trial on the Starter plans and 14 days free on the Business plans.

Does Buffer offer users plans for Enterprises?

Yes, please contact Enterprise Plans to find out pricing for this plan.

Can I invite team members to Buffer?

Yes, you can invite team members to Buffer. However, this feature is only available to customers on the Business plan.

How do I add a team member to Buffer on the Business plan?

To add team members to Buffer on the Business plan, simply click on Admin > Team Members > Invite a New Team Member, and then input the name and email address of the member you will like to add. They will receive an email containing the invitation and will be required to create a new Buffer login.

Can I remove a team member on Buffer?

Yes, you can remove a team member on Buffer.

How do I remove a team member on Buffer?

To remove a team member on Buffer, simply click on the Admin tab located at the top of your dashboard, and then select Team Members. You will then be provided with the Org Admin tool, then click on the team members you will like to remove. Click on Edit Team Member > Remove > Confirm and Remove.

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