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Say goodbye to phone and email tag for finding the perfect meeting time with Calendly. It's 100% free, super easy to use and you'll love our customer service.
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Calendly is a SaaS product and is also a very simple web service that offers you to create different types of events characterized by your availability and duration, and then send a form to the contacts you want to invite to these meetings to choose a niche in your availabilities. The registration on the site is a simple connect with Google, and allows us to have immediate access to a dashboard proposing to you to create your types of events, or to modify the present events. Create your events, activate them, and send their links to your customers so they can choose their niche and answer a few questions. Once the slot is accepted, it will appear on your dashboard and on your Google calendar, if you linked it.

Each type of event is fully customizable

Days when you are available, place, time slots that interest you. Everything is configurable. A color pallette also allows you to clearly identify the type of event. It is also possible to add questions to your invitation. When your event is correctly configured, you just need to send your URL (manually or via the dashboard) to the guest. She then receives your different availabilities and can choose what suits her. Once she chooses a slot, both receive an Outlook or Gmail invitation, and the meeting appears in the Calendly dashboard. The service is really convenient for organizing meetings and is free of charge.


Calendly creates you a dedicated page which you can communicate the link, a lot of people really like the minimalist style. But if you have a website, you can also directly integrate it into a page of your site.


You can customize the form that your clients fill out by making an appointment; if you want them to add a phone number or ask them a specific question. You can also edit the emails Calendly sends to your customer and reminders. This allows putting it in French, but it is available only in the paid version.

Free version

The free version of Calendly helps you manage several appointment typs, but depending on your business this may be enough. The free version also requires you to keep a link to their site and their logo. The free version allows you to have 3 standard events, and 1 custom event, which is normally enough to manage its meetings. It only allows creating one-to-one meetings, for group meetings, it will be necessary to switch to the paid plan. The paid version costs $ 8 monthly and allows customizing the invitation URLs.

Can Calendly be integrated with Google calendar?

Yes, Calendly can be integrated with Google calendar. You can connect Calendly and Google Calendar with your other apps and run workflows across them. Calendly integrates with your Google Calendar and makes it very easy to make appointment slots with just a click or two.

Does Calendly have a Mobile App?

No, it doesn't. It would be awesome if it did - as you have to log in from your computer to make changes to an event or rules that you set for an event.

Can calendly be integrated with Outlook?

Yes, calendly can be integrated with Outlook. When integrated, calendly will be allowed to check Outlook for conflicts and to add events to it.

How does Calendly work?

Calendly provides businesses with a simple and straightforward way to approach scheduling meetings and appointments with their clients and partners.

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