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Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to create, send, and optimize your email marketing campaigns.
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Campaign Monitor is an internet-based marketing application that allows you to create, manage, send and track branded emails for your clients with ease. It also enables you not just to run campaigns but also re-sell it as if it is a product you own. You can also rebrand the application’s interface and set your pricing markup.

Using the drag and drop email builder, you can create branded emails and send them to customers and prospects. You will also be provided with effective list management tools which help your business build segmented lists based on whatever criteria you set. It is also easy to automate campaigns to ensure that the right customers or target market receive the right messages and at the right time.

In addition to emails automation and design , Campaign Monitor also provides you with optimization tools to help you track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign in real time. You can see who opened the emails you sent, and those that shared them. It is also possible with the software to know what the people you send the emails to; are saying to others about it. The software is well equipped with features needed to run a professional email marketing campaign optimized to boost your business.


Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor allows you to launch unique and fully branded email campaigns which are targeted to the right market. You can customize your emails, fronts, and colors so that your email is exactly how you want it to be. The drag and drop email builder makes it easy to create enticing emails that match the image of your brand. Furthermore, emails are optimized for mobile devices so that your campaigns look great on any mobile device used.

Marketing Automation

With Campaign Monitor, you can release the power of marketing automation by engaging with your target audience on a more personal level using customer journeys. They help to deliver timely and relevant emails which can help increase revenue for your business. Campaign Monitor helps you become a better marketer by engaging with your customers at the right time and with the right message.


Your emails will be infused with a personal touch using the personalization feature. Data such as lists and smart segments which are the fuel for personalized content can instantly drive more engagement to your business and create more value for you over time. Campaign Monitor sees email marketing as email between friends instead of plain email marketing.

Contacts & Segmentation

By creating smarter segments for your email marketing campaigns, you can yield better results for your business. By drilling into data about your customers, you can design hyper-targeted segments which send important emails tailored to fit the unique needs of each of your clients. This can dramatically increase sales and secure long-term customers for your business.


Campaign Monitor offers your four pricing options to choose from: The Basic, Unlimited, Premier and Advanced plans. The Basic plan costs $9/month and includes Customer Support via Email 2,500 Emails across Campaigns & Automated Emails, Basic Marketing Automation all the Core Marketing Features, and Insights Analytics Suite. The Unlimited plan, which is priced at $29/month is great for frequent email campaigns an includes features such as Unlimited Emails across Campaigns & Automated Emails, Priority Customer Support via Email and more. The Premier plan at $149/month includes Unlimited Emails across Campaigns & Automated Emails, Premier Phone and Email Support and more. Lastly, the Advanced plan includes features from the other plans plus Time Zone Sending, Behavioural Customer Data, Advanced Segmentation and more. Contact the Sales Team for the advanced plan pricing.

What is Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is a software that provides businesses with email marketing automation and marketing.

Who can use Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is designed for businesses including small, medium and large scale businesses.

Is Campaign Monitor free?

No, Campaign Monitor is not free.

Does Campaign Monitor offer a free trial version?

It is free to set up a Campaign Monitor account. However, you will need to choose one of the paid plans to be able to send to more than five subscribers.

How much does it cost to use Campaign Monitor?

Pricing plans for Campaign Monitor differ from one plan to the other.

How much does the cheapest Campaign Monitor plan cost?

The cheapest Campaign Monitor plan which is; the Basic plan costs $9/month.

What features are included in the Basic plan on Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor’s basic plan includes features such as customer support via email, and 2500 email across campaigns and automated emails.

What happens to my Campaign Monitor account if I go over the limit on the plan?

If you send more than the limit on your Campaign Monitor plan, the software will notify you, and you will be presented with the option to upgrade your plan or pay for the additional emails.

Can I change my Campaign Monitor account?

Yes, you can change your Campaign Monitor account any time you wish. You can either switch between the paid plans or decide to pay as you go.

Will I be charged if I switch between plans?

No, Campaign Monitor will not charge you for switching between plans.

Does Campaign Monitor offer its users an annual plan?

While most Campaign Monitor customers opt for the monthly plan, it does offer an annual plan. To find out more about the annual plan, contact the Sales Team.

What does priority support on Campaign Monitor mean?

Priority support means that your support requests are at the front burner meaning the experts at the software are likely to help you before others.

Does Campaign Monitor integrate with 3rd party applications?

Yes, Campaign Monitor integrates perfectly with more than 250 applications including Salesforce, Magento, WordPress, and more

What payment options does Campaign Monitor accept?

Campaign Monitor accepts payment from all the major credit cards. It also accepts invoices from large organizations and large volume senders.

What currencies does Campaign Monitor accept?

Campaign Monitor sets prices in USD. However, the software can support additional currencies including CAD, NZD, EUR, AUD, and GBP.

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