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Equity management, 409A valuations, and liquidity, all in one place. Trusted by 5,000 companies, their investors, and their employees.
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Carta is a web-based software that can help companies track their cap tables, financings, and more, from private companies through public companies.



Presently, Carta has over 50 valuation analysts and has seen through more than 3000 valuations. As the leading provider of 409A valuations, Carta will provide a safe harbor for your business all year round. Within 15-20 working days of submitting your request, you can get your initial 409A valuation. For every valuation, a valuation analyst is assigned, as well as software intelligence to make sure all valuation reports are exact, leaving no margin for human error. Carta’s valuation team has had a combined experience of over 150 years, making them the best financials for a variety of industries, including late stage public and private organizations.


Carta has become the new way to coordinate capital raising for businesses. The software can help coordiante documents, data sharing, electronic signatures, and wire transfer instructions. With Carta, you can manage all of this in one place. As soon as your financing is set up, investors can be invited to participate. An email is sent to them to give them permission to log in and go through documents. Closing documents can be signed, and funds can be directly transferred from Carta portfolios. Once documents have been signed and reviewed, payments can be made easily through ACH, or direct wire transfer from Carta portfolios.

What is Carta?

Carta is a web-based platform that issues, signs, and receives electronic shares, as well as options, convertible notes and warrants.

Is Carta a registered company?

Yes, Carta is registered with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission as a Transfer Agent.

Who can use Carta?

Carta is available for use by Companies, Law Firms, Investors, and Employees.

What exactly does Carta do for Law Firms and Companies?

Carta gives access to companies and law firms that work for them, to deliver electronic securities, and maintain exact cap tables.

What does Carta’s electronic securities do?

Carta’s electronic securities grab important information such as vesting schedules, liquidation preferences, price per share and many more.

Who is a stakeholder in Carta?

A stakeholder is any individual or body who possess great security which could be either stock, option grant, warrant, convertible note, or equity plan award.

How does Carta determine a stakeholder count?

Carta’s stakeholder count is dependent on the number of individual names on the cap table.

Does Carta support limited liability companies (LLC)?

Yes, Carta supports limited liability companies.

How do shareholders access their electronic certificates on Carta?

Shareholders can log into Carta at any time to view, track, or print their holdings. Shareholders are provided with a dashboard containing information about option or shares, as well as download access to financial documents.

What information do I need to provide to process a 409A Valuation?

To complete a 409A Valuation, Carta requires Request Details, Legal Counsel and Documents, Industry Information, and Financials.

How do I select a valuation date for my 409A?

A lot of factors come into play when choosing a valuation date for your 409A. For example, if you closed a round of financing in the last 90 days, the closing date of the round should be your valuation date. And if no capital was previously raised, you should select a valuation date that is towards the end of an accounting period, and closest to the first set of grants you will most likely use.

How do I select public companies that are similar to mine for my 409A?

When looking for similar companies, look for companies that operate in the same industry as yours, and one that has close to the same business model as yours.

Can I receive signatures and funds after the closing date?

Yes, you can collect signatures and funds after the closing date, as the date does not put a stop to transactions.

Can I remove investors?

Yes, you can remove investors. Simply select Edit on the dashboard to remove. How do I order for a new 409A valuation now that my certificates have been issued? To request for a 409A valuation after your round has closed, simply send an email to to get in touch with Carta’s valuation analysts.

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