crayon and blissfully

Rocketship Growth Meets Efficiency with Crayon and Blissfully

Crayon is a market and competitive intelligence platform that helps businesses track, analyze, and act on everything happening outside their four walls. The company believes that millions of businesses have yet to take advantage of all the intelligence data available today to drive actionable insights and opportunities.

As a fast-growing SaaS company, Crayon has nearly doubled in size since 2017 to 50 employees today, with the intention to at least double headcount again within the next year. Crayon’s teams rely almost exclusively on SaaS and cloud-based apps to get their jobs done; both the number of apps and users per app has skyrocketed as the team expands.

As hiring accelerated, onboarding new team members onto the right tools got harder for Jules Kelley, the company’s office manager who also wears the hats of HR and IT management. Blissfully saves her a lot of time and sanity in the onboarding process, helping her get back to important items on her to-do list (like filling the growing list of open job opportunities)!

With offboarding, time is of the essence. Using Blissfully I can be sure that we’ve revoked access to all of the necessary apps as quickly as possible, and no subscriptions slip through the cracks.
Jules KelleyOffice Manager, Crayon

From Spreadsheet Checks to Just a Click

Even though all Crayon employees rely on SaaS to get their jobs done, there was little to no visibility into who owned certain app subscriptions (or who had access to apps) before Blissfully. During the onboarding process, there was a lack of clarity as to which apps to provision for each new hire and who owned these apps internally.

“Before, I was using a Google spreadsheet with a list of onboarding tasks, which I’d duplicate and edit for each individual new hire,” said Kelley. “The process was super inefficient and prone to error. I’d constantly have to check the spreadsheet to make updates and chase responsible team members down who hadn’t completed their tasks on time.”

With Blissfully, Kelley can do a quick visual audit to understand all the apps at work within Crayon, as well as who owns specific subscriptions. Now, she just enters the apps she needs provisioned for each team, adds tasks, and assigns them to the appropriate team members all within the Blissfully dashboard. She gets notifications when team members complete their tasks, and overall, the process is a lot faster.

“What used to be a super manual process for each new hire is now nearly instant with a few clicks in Blissfully,” said Kelley. “This time is extremely valuable to me, considering the number of hats I need to wear on any given day, including supporting our aggressive hiring growth.”

Offboarding is equally easy. “With offboarding, time is of the essence,” said Kelley. “Using Blissfully I can be sure that we’ve revoked access to all of the necessary apps as quickly as possible, and no subscriptions slip through the cracks.”

Better Transparency and Accountability Across Teams

An added benefit to Blissfully is an increased level of transparency for new hires, who now have an understanding on day one of exactly which tools they’re expected to use (without having to chase down access weeks or months after their start date).

“In a startup work environment you’re constantly adopting new technology, which can seem really chaotic for a new hire,” said Kelley. “Blissfully has made this process a lot more consistent and predictable for new hires, which gives a sense of comfort when you’re starting a new job.”

Team leaders also love the transparency and accountability that Blissfully provides to the onboarding process. “Everyone understands their roles and completes their tasks when Blissfully prompts them to. It’s made onboarding much more structured and easier for all of us,” concluded Kelley.