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Mavenlink Masters SaaS Vendor Management and Visibility


Mavenlink is an enterprise-class SaaS platform that transforms the way professional and marketing services businesses work. Internally, the 300-person company runs entirely on SaaS applications, which makes issues like vendor management and visibility challenging for the small IT team. After implementing Blissfully, the company experienced major efficiency gains, which they expect to translate into tens of thousands of dollars in savings on SaaS apps over time.

“One of our biggest challenges was managing hundreds of apps across global offices and departments,” said Leo Vukmanovich, Senior IT lead at Mavenlink. “Often, individual team members would buy their own licenses and expense them through finance, which made it difficult for us to track and manage renewals across the company. Blissfully helped us benchmark where we are, and forecast where we need to be.”

In addition to IT, the finance team uses Blissfully daily to track SaaS vendor invoices and overall spending. What used to be a manual process of chasing down team members for invoices is now as simple as viewing Blissfully’s system of record to determine whether or not spending is on track. Leo says that Blissfully gives the team leverage at renewal time to evaluate their vendor relationships and negotiate better deals.

At A Glance

Before Blissfully, tracking down SaaS invoices across teams was a manual process for finance.

IT had little visibility into each team’s app purchases. Now, the Mavenlink team knows exactly which apps are being used across departments, and can successfully anticipate each individual team’s needs.

The IT team uses Blissfully to negotiate better deals at renewal time, and expects the tool to save them tens of thousands of dollars on SaaS over time

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Three Major Benefits of Using Blissfully

Before using Blissfully, Leo and the finance team spent a lot of time trying to wrangle various employees to determine which apps were in place, and when contracts were expected to renew. At best, the visibility into SaaS applications was cloudy.

With Blissfully in the arsenal, it’s now possible to:

  • Automate SaaS vendor management within a single system of record
  • Gain leverage and negotiation power during contract renewals
  • Make it easier to onboard and offboard employees for compliance purposes

Let’s take a look at each of these areas in detail.

Single System of Record for SaaS Vendor Management

In a 300-person company, SaaS can easily sprawl out of control. According to Leo, the global team relies completely on SaaS, and often these apps were purchased and expensed informally by individual team members. By connecting G-Suite and Netsuite to Blissfully, the Mavenlink team was able to discover and track hundreds of SaaS vendors in play across the entire organization.

Before Blissfully, when finance needed to understand the status of vendor contracts, they’d contact Leo to track down the contract owner. Often, the contract owner wasn’t aware of his or her billing responsibilities when it came time for renewal. In other words, the process was highly inefficient at best and resulted in quite a bit of wasted time.

With Blissfully, both IT and finance gain a single system of record for managing SaaS apps across the company’s global offices. The team gets visibility into the overall budget, and has reduced rogue IT spending. IT can now better understand the priorities of each department, and ensure team members have access to the apps they need to do their jobs.

Instead of having to tap the IT team to one-off wrangle invoices and renewals, finance can log into Blissfully and view a clean and simple dashboard to understand the overall budget and individual vendor statuses. As a result, the IT team gains back time in their days to accomplish more strategic tasks.

Leverage in Negotiating SaaS Vendor Contracts

Before Blissfully, SaaS vendor contract renewal often caught the Mavenlink team by surprise. “This last-minute scramble puts vendors in a position of power, where there’s not much flexibility on pricing,” said Leo. “With Blissfully, we know six months in advance when a contract is coming up for renewal, and have some leverage in the negotiation process.”

Instead of just letting renewals happen, Leo and team evaluate contracts to determine whether or not they’re getting the best price. If better vendors are available, they’ll open up an RFP to evaluate whether they’re using the right tool for the job. If incumbent vendors want to keep their place in the organization, they may offer up more competitive pricing.

“With Blissfully, we know six months in advance when a contract is coming up for renewal, and have some leverage in the negotiation process. Blissfully gives us power and control over our renewals, which will save us tens of thousands of dollars on SaaS costs over time."

Leo Vukmanovich Head Shot
Leo Vukmanovich Senior IT Lead

Employee Lifecycle Management and Compliance

Finally, Leo and team plan on using Blissfully for SaaS onboarding and offboarding, by integrating the tool with BambooHR. Blissfully will be used to onboard team members onto an average of six to 12 apps when they’re hired.  Similarly, when employees leave, their access will be instantly cut off to prevent security issues.

Leo is particularly excited about the SOC 2 compliance features. “As our organization grows, it becomes more difficult to manually track onboarding and offboarding,” said Leo. “Getting a handle on employee lifecycle management from an IT perspective is a critical part of our SOC 2 compliance process to gain trust with our customers and prospects.”

Overall, the Mavenlink team views Blissfully as a crucial part of the organization’s IT stack. “Blissfully is a tool that every organization should use to gain efficiency and reduce costs. It’s an important tool for any fast-growing business,” said Leo.

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