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Streamlining Workflows for Octane Lending

Octane Lending is disrupting powersports finance, helping dealerships connect customers directly to the right lenders. Octane’s loan origination technology speeds up the application process so deals don’t go cold, and customers can leave with the ATV, jet ski, or other powersports vehicle of their dreams.

The team has been growing quickly across two offices -- one in New York City, and one in Dallas, TX. With up to five new employees starting each month, the process of onboarding started getting a little cumbersome for the two-person IT team (who was also tasked with managing security and compliance for the fast-growing finance company).

A discovery of the finance team, Blissfully made both SaaS management and employee IT onboarding much more streamlined for Octane.

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The Agony of the Chase

Director of IT and Security Josh Marcus-Hixson wears a few different hats at Octane -- both creating a security and compliance process that satisfied external partners, and managing internal IT and security operations. As a team of two, he and his IT Operations Engineer are responsible for making sure everyone at Octane has the technology they need when they start at the company.

IT onboarding gets a little complicated when you’re a company that extensively uses SaaS applications. For example, before Blissfully, there was no clear way for the IT team to know exactly what software each employee needed pre-installed on their laptops prior to their start date. Not to mention, employees were choosing to install their own applications, without knowing about company-wide licenses they could access at a lower cost.

“We had to do a lot of chasing people around,” said Marcus-Hixson. “Before Blissfully, we were using Airtable spreadsheets to track when new hires were coming onboard, or when changes were made to their IT requirements. But our team did not own these spreadsheets [a Product Manager did] and we would end up missing notifications, and scrambling to track down the right person who knew what each employee might need.”

For example, the company’s team in Dallas is growing quickly, and leverages many different third-party applications to do their jobs. Since the IT team is in New York, it’s not as simple as walking over to someone’s desk and asking a question about provisioning needs. “There used to be a lot of back and forth conversation about the applications we forgot to load on laptops before we shipped them to Dallas,” Marcus-Hixson said.

Now from day one, new hires are set up with everything they need. We used to just hope that by the end of the first week they would get access to everything they needed.
Josh Marcus-HixsonDirector of IT and Security, Octane Lending

Better Onboarding Workflows and More Efficiency with Blissfully

“One day, I logged into G Suite admin console to check our settings and noticed that Blissfully was connected to our account,” said Marcus-Hixson. “At first I had no idea why it was there. Our finance team was using it to track spending on SaaS across the company. Little did I know, there was a very clear onboarding use-case that would make our lives a lot simpler, too.”

“We quickly learned we could replace our Airtable spreadsheets with Blissfully,” he continued. Now, the IT team creates an onboarding checklist in Blissfully, assigns employee onboarding tasks to specific managers, and creates a list of the apps each new employees need directly within the platform. Team managers can make edits to this app list, and the IT team gains immediate visibility into each employee’s needs regardless of their location.

“With both our Dallas and New York teams, this level of visibility has helped us reduce the amount of back-and-forth conversations about onboarding, making it a much more efficient process for everyone involved,” said Marcus-Hixson.

Cross-Functional SaaS Bliss

Blissfully is also saving time for others across the organization. Perhaps most prominently, newly onboarded hires now have access to all of the apps they need to do their jobs in only one day, compared to a week previously! “Now from day one, new hires are set up with everything they need. We used to just hope that by the end of the first week they would get access to everything they needed,” said Marcus-Hixson.

In addition, the Product Manager that was once responsible for creating Airtable spreadsheets can now go back go her job in product management, spending her time much more strategically.

Finally, the finance team is delighted with the ability to have immediate visibility into SaaS budgeting and spending across the organization. They have identified many examples of overlapping individual and company-wide accounts, which has led to more strategic budget allocation on SaaS apps. In addition, Blissfully has shined a light on new areas of need for technology across teams.

“We recently had a Director of Financial Planning and Analysis start at the organization. As we were going over IT and security spending, he asked about SaaS apps. I showed him Blissfully and the conversation was over. He was amazed that a tool like this existed!” said Marcus-Hixson.

Download PDF of Case Study

Get a PDF copy of this case study.