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Packet Cuts SOC 2 Audit Prep Time in Half with Blissfully

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Packet is a cloud and edge computing infrastructure provider based in New York City. The company empowers developer-driven organizations to deploy physical infrastructure at global scale. As a cloud services provider, they chose to be SOC 2 compliant and must conduct a yearly audit, which can be time-consuming and burdensome.

Additionally, as a rapidly growing tech-forward business, Packet is continually hiring new developers and other team members. This organizational growth is managed by a small finance department that also handles HR and IT concerns.

Having deep visibility into their SaaS usage and spending is vital for Packet, and that’s why the team decided to invest in Blissfully.

Streamlining SOC 2 Audits

Before implementing Blissfully, Packet had gone through one SOC 2 audit, and it proved to be a time-intensive and, at times, complex process. The team had to gather much of the required evidence manually using screenshots and spreadsheet-based checklists.

With Blissfully on their side for their second annual SOC 2 audit, “We were able to noticeably streamline the process,” says Andre Tan, Director of Finance. “Blissfully provides a much more comprehensive view of SaaS apps that are in use throughout our organization.”

Packet can see all of the apps that employees are using or have access to, and this system of record makes SOC 2 audit preparation far easier. According to Tan, Blissfully reduced the time spent on SOC 2 information gathering by half.

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Faster, More Comprehensive Onboarding Enables Productivity

As mentioned, Packet is hiring at a rapid clip. Now that the organization has invested in Blissfully, anytime an offer is accepted by a new employee, the team is able to get a comprehensive view of which apps they will need to be onboarded with, when, and how. For the average employee, there are fifteen SaaS apps that need to be connected before they can hit the ground running.

“Blissfully became a one-stop shop for us to make sure every employee has the right access and tools they need to succeed in their roles.” says Tan.

In addition to using Blissfully to track and provision SaaS apps, the team has taken advantage of built-in onboarding checklists to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Tan and his team use Blissfully to ensure that key action items such as getting the offer letter signed; purchasing and provisioning new computers; and creating new accounts for various services are all executed without delay. “Blissfully makes the entire onboarding process simpler and faster for Packet,” says Tan.

Simplified Offboarding Saves Money and Ensures Security

Just as important as the onboarding process, offboarding must be handled in an organized fashion or important pieces can get lost, leading to wasted resources and security gaps. Blissfully’s automated offboarding features allow Packet to determine whether they want to use email forwarding, back up departing users’ data, and schedule a specific time for accounts to be deleted or deactivated.

“These features give us the confidence to sunset accounts without worrying about whether we will lose valuable data,” says Tan. Accounts that belong to departed employees can be a source of wasted spend over time, and anything that is left open after departure can present a security risk to the organization. With Blissfully, these concerns are eliminated.

Overall, the addition of Blissfully has made it easier for Tan to juggle the many responsibilities on his plate, while mitigating risk for the organization, increasing productivity, and supercharging business growth.

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