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Podium Scales Up Their Vendor Management

The Challenge

Podium develops cloud-based software to help businesses modernize customer interactions, such as messaging and customer feedback, and improve their online reputations. The company was growing quickly and its SaaS environment was becoming unwieldy as employees came and went and tools were being purchased and abandoned without any input from IT or Procurement. Podium needed a tool to give structure to their scale and help manage their SaaS Vendors.




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Reputation and Customer Relations Management

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The Solution

Podium’s procurement team implemented Blissfully and used included workflows to establish clear and repeatable processes for vendor management, visibility, cost savings, and compliance, as well as a system of record for upcoming audits.

The Results

Clear Vendor Management Processes: Before Blissfully, SaaS Management was being done ad-hoc. Since its implementation, Podium has clear, repeatable, scalable processes for vendor approvals, requests, onboardings, and terminations. 

Smoother Vendor Communication: Podium is never caught off-guard by an upcoming renewal. The company has plenty of time to evaluate tools and vendors and negotiate better contracts.

SaaS Savings: Blissfully’s SaaS discovery and management function lets Podium continually identify and eliminate duplicate subscriptions and unapproved apps.

Compliance System of Record: As Podium undergoes its SOC 2 compliance audit, Blissfully functions as a system of record. All workflows are automatically saved and exportable.

“I see a renewal coming up and I'm able to reach out to the the business owner and ask important questions: Do we need to renew? Do we need to change our licenses? I can start working on a negotiation with some warning and find savings. Before Blissfully, we would get a notification and hit just auto-renew. Now, vendor management is smoother and output-based, instead of ad-hoc.”

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Cameron Davis Procurement Manager

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Podium Scales Up Their Vendor Management

Workflows allowed Podium to establish clear and repeatable processes for vendor management.

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