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How Troops Uses Blissfully to Simplify SaaS Operations

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Troops is a sales collaboration tool that makes sales a team sport by empowering people, automating workflows, and supercharging performance. As a SaaS-first business, Troops is focused on realizing efficiencies wherever possible, and Blissfully has helped them reduce time and resources spent on onboarding, offboarding, and other process-driven activities, while providing the data needed to make accurate forecasts regarding spend and trends.

“When we first learned about Blissfully, I had recently been asked to complete a SaaS audit for the entire company—including building a spreadsheet of all apps in use,” says Greg Ratner, Cofounder and CTO of Troops. “This was a major undertaking, and when I learned how Blissfully could help, I jumped at the opportunity to automate and streamline the process.”

Ratner also found that Blissfully was a huge boon in the on- and offboarding processes, much of which often fell to him as the de facto IT lead. Now, he is able to delegate tasks while ensuring everything is completed in a timely manner and new team members are off to a good start. Blissfully provides a similar benefit for offboarding, ensuring an efficient and secure outcome. Finally, the Troops team now has deep visibility into their entire SaaS stack—including spend and trend data. This enables more accurate forecasts, so they can make data-driven business decisions going forward.

Three Major Benefits of Using Blissfully

Before implementing Blissfully, Ratner was tasked with putting together a comprehensive spreadsheet reflecting SaaS usage and metadata across the organization. “As a technical cofounder, I often found that many tasks related to onboarding and offboarding continually fell on my plate, taking me away from more strategic efforts,” says Ratner.

With Blissfully in the arsenal, it suddenly became possible to:

  • Provide a single, comprehensive view into SaaS usage across the organization
  • Delegate and automate tasks related to on and offboarding
  • Accurately forecast spend and trend data regarding SaaS

Let’s take a look at each of these areas in detail.

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Single-Pane SaaS Management

Maintaining a SaaS spreadsheet is not for the faint of heart. While having a single source of truth is, of course, a worthy project to undertake, it’s no small feat at a tech-focused organization like Troops. Compiling a spreadsheet that includes all of the apps in use and the relevant metadata regarding users, cost, renewals, and more, can take weeks or even months at any organization. Moreover, managing approvals, renewals, and compliance for all of these vendors could be a full-time job.

Blissfully makes it easy to manage everything related to those vendors, in one place. With Blissfully, SaaS management is an automated process. Blissfully finds the SaaS subscriptions in use at Troops  and organizes them all into a single view, so any stakeholder can visualize the relevant details with a few clicks of the mouse. Now, Troops can identify which apps their team members are using and how much they're spending on SaaS. This means no more spreadsheet management, and Ratner’s time is freed up to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Shared Responsibility for Onboarding and Offboarding

Another area where Greg was spending a large chunk of his time was onboarding and offboarding employees. Troops had an average of 55 items per employee that had to be completed during onboarding—ranging from background checks to signing the handbook to onboarding the new employee onto tools like GitHub and AWS.

“Blissfully enables us to truly share the responsibilities around onboarding and offboarding at Troops. Previously, it was up to me to ensure that everyone completed their tasks, and I often felt like I was a zookeeper wrangling the animals. Now, the action items are distributed to the right people, and the responsibility for ensuring completion isn’t just on my plate.”

With Blissfully, Ratner was able to delegate the work to relevant team members. Blissfully also automates reminders, so if a task isn’t completed right away, it doesn’t fall to Ratner to nag someone to complete it. Finally, Blissfully creates a system of record for Troops. Each completed task is logged and the audit file of the entire process can be easily downloaded.

As Ratner put it, “Onboarding and offboarding can be full of thankless tasks—tasks where no one notices when they are done correctly, but everyone notices if they aren’t done or aren’t done well. Now, Blissfully ensures each task is completed and documented, allowing me to focus on more strategic projects.” Ratner says that the team saves time, and new employees are able to get up and running faster than ever before.”

Clear SaaS Forecasting

On the finance and operations side of the house, SaaS forecasting can be a very important part of making sure the business remains healthy over the long haul. With Blissfully in place, the finance and ops teams can quickly view SaaS trends and build accurate forecasts for the business. They can see how much they are spending on apps and how that spend has changed over time. The team is also able to immediately identify wasteful spending across the organization and stop paying for extra licenses and zombie subscriptions. As Ratner puts it, “Blissfully is a key piece of Troops’ rapid, SaaS-enabled growth and success, and we’re excited to see how the platform evolves.”

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