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Here at Cloudflare, we make the Internet work the way it should. Offering CDN, DNS, DDoS protection and security, find out how we can help your site.
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Cloudflare is a development application which provides companies and businesses with a variety of functions, including content delivery network, internet security, DDoS Mitigation, domain name server services, as well as provides DNS services to over 5 million websites. The software offers you protection against SQL injection, and also SSL support for websites. At the same time, it makes use of global CDN and content caching, which improves the speed of your website.

When using the software, one of the key security features you will be provided with apart from SQL injection, is the Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). These features are put in place to protect your website from hackers who may attempt to introduce their malicious codes into the HTML code of your website.

Cloudflare has an intuitive interface that is neatly organized and allows you manage easily the software to optimize its speed and security. You will also be provided with certain tools that provide you with traffic statistics of your website. This will provide you with insights to an unprecedented drop-off or a sudden rise in your visitors, alerting you to potential problems before they become too big to handle.

Top brands such as Mapbox, DigitalOcean, LogMeIn, Zendesk, Quizlet, Nasdaq, Cisco etc make use of Cloudflare for the security of their business.


Load Balancing

Cloudflare’s load balancing feature automatically reduces latency by redirecting visitors to whatever infrastructure that is closest to them. For example, it can send customers from Europe to the data center in London, or Australian customers to either the Sidney datacenter or anyone within the two locations. This feature is predicated on the software’s Anycast network, which allows the quick delivery of static assets by means of CDN and also reduces latency for dynamic requests, by keeping your web visitors close to the infrastructure.

Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The software’s enterprise-based web application firewall protects your internet assets from the common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection attacks, cross-site forgery, and cross-site scripting, with no change to your previously existing infrastructure. Cloudflare can see through more than 2 million requests per second, and the WAF continuously identifies and blocks newest potential threats. The software, using this feature takes care of tracking all the state-of-the-art techniques, leaving you with enough time to design useful features.

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare has a futuristic content delivery network which was designed and built to work seamlessly with emerging technologies. This ensures that your customers receive the most advanced web protocols today and always. The global network was designed to optimize security, reliability, and performance, leaving you without the stress of the legal jargons. What you are then presented with is a CDN which is easy to set up, works better than all other CDNs and more affordable.


Cloudflare offers your 4 pricing options to choose from: The Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise Plans. The Free plan includes Unmetered Mitigation of DDoS, 3 PAGE Rules, Shared SSL Certificate and more. At $20/month/website, the Pro plan includes everything on the free plan including Web Application Firewall (WAF), Mobile Optimization with Mirage, 20 Page Rules, and more. The Business plan costs $200/month/website and includes everything on the Pro plan plus 50 Page Rules, Prioritized Email Support, Bypass Cache on Cookie, Access to Account Audit Logs, etc. Lastly, the Enterprise includes everything on the Business plan plus Access to Raw Logs, Dedicated Solution Audit Logs, 100 Page Rules, and many more. You have to contact Cloudflare’s customer support for the pricing details for the Enterprise plan.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a software that protects the websites of many businesses and companies, as well as provide internet servers, domain name services, and many more.

Who can use Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is designed for use by businesses of all sizes including small, medium and large-scale businesses.

Is Cloudflare free?

No, Cloudflare is not free to use. It does, however, offer you a free trial period.

What browsers can I use Cloudflare on?

Cloudflare can be used on all the modern browsers including IE10 version and above.

What does Cloudflare multi-user support do?

Cloudflare multi-user support accounts allow a group of users shares access to the settings of a website’s Cloudflare. It also allows the administrator to delegate access to fellow members, giving each and every one of them the ability to see and change settings.

How do I return to the previous dashboard on Cloudflare?

To return to the previous dashboard on Cloudflare simply click on the Return to Original tab located at the lower right corner of the screen.

How do I provide Cloudflare feedback?

To give a feedback on the software, select the Send Feedback tab located in the lower right corner of the screen, and then click on Suggestion provided in the dropdown list.

How do I report a problem on Cloudflare?

To report a problem on Cloudflare, simply click on the Send Feedback tab located in the right-hand corner of the screen, then click on Problem located in the dropdown list. You will then receive a response from the Cloudflare Support Team in less than no time.

What kind of support does Cloudflare offer customers?

Cloudflare offers customers phone support for only customers on the Enterprise plan.

How do other Cloudflare customers make an inquiry about services?

If you would like to make an inquiry and get a timely response even though you are not on the Enterprise Plan, simply create an inquiry ticket, and the support team will get back to you in the shortest amount of time possible.

Does Cloudflare work with dynamic websites?

Yes, Cloudflare can cache static files on your websites, such as images and CSS using the software’s free CDN. The software can also differentiate between dynamic and static content, meaning that you do not need to take additional steps to be able to receive benefits from the software.

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