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Product Overview

Code Climate is a web-hosted software which provides organizations and corporations the ability to take charge of their code quality by incorporating fully configurable test coverage as well as data maintainability throughout the workflow development.

Code Climate provides an open and extensible platform for ensuring code health which analyzes billions of code lines every week. The software allows you to improve your user experience by managing large organizations using the Teams feature. It provides administrators the ability to change permissions easily at the topmost level by adding users to teams, then choosing what repositories each team has access to.

The software has also been able to make the lives of developers easier by improving their Code Climate workflow. As you know, codes can have some subtle issues which wouldn’t be obvious, which is why the software helps developers trap these issues by analyzing each pull request before it is integrated.

By implementing the smarter status message, Code Climate has been able to make findings more visible. Using GitHub, developers can know immediately when the quality of a code has changed, encouraging them to click and see the full analysis results on the software. This feature has been able to provide a lot of developers with more values for the Code Climate subscription. Top brands such as Salesforce, Custom Ink, Barracuda, New Relic, Intercom, Conde Nast and many more make use of Code Climate to improve the quality of their codes.


Test Coverage

Code Climate allows you to test the coverage and range of new codes, providing you with insights of what that code can do as well as all the processes involved in it. It also provides you with per-file and overall coverage, meaning that the whole complex lines of codes are independently checked and in perfect working condition.


Code Climate integrates seamlessly with GitHub. Using the browser extension, you can be provided with your technical debt and test coverage information. All of this data will be displayed line-by-line on GitHub when you use the browser extension. It is easy to set it up, and you can start working from there immediately.


The software allows you to pull up request statuses which can help you make decisions on your code. By looking at it at a glance, you can then decide if your code is ready to be merged or not. Also, you will be granted the ability to give others permission, so that only the right people have access to it.


By using the software, you can track the progress of your codes from week to week. The progress report you will be provided with will show a summary of your most important changes which were merged, and perfect for your weekly retrospectives. You will also be able to visualize long-term trends in your codebase. This will help you determine if the overall quality of your codes are getting any better or worse. You can also get a broad view of how your projects are faring next to others, and see which ones are lagging so you can pay them more attention.


There are 2 pricing options available to you on Code Climate: The Standard and Enterprise Plans. The Standard plan is ideal for small and large teams using GitHub. This plan costs $16.67/seat/month with discounts for teams larger than 25. It features Tracks Test Coverage on every Commit & PR, Finds quality, Volume Discounts Available, Extensible Platform with 30+ Plugins Available, Correctness, Security & Style issues, etc. The Enterprise plan which is ideal for teams using GitHub Enterprise includes On-premises or Private Cloud, Setup Assistance and Development of Custom Checks. This plan features everything on the Standard plan plus Unlimited Concurrent Analyses, Deploy to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, Secure Level Agreement (SLA), Priority Support and Training, Dedicated Customer Success Manager, etc. Contact Code Climate’s sales team to find out the pricing details for the Enterprise plan.

What is Code Climate?

Code Climate is software that provides businesses and organizations with control over the quality of their codes.

Who can use Code Climate?

All types of businesses such as small, medium and large scale businesses can use Code Climate to monitor their code quality. Freelancers can also use this software as well.

Is Code Climate free?

No, Code Climate is not free to use.

Does Code Climate offer users any free trial period?

Yes, Code Climate offers you a free trial period.

How long does Code Climate’s free trial period last for?

Code Climate’s free trial period lasts for a period of 14 days.

How does the free trial period work on Code Climate?

Code Climate’s free trial is available to you without the need for your credit card information. Immediately after signing up, you can add your first Git repository, and you are good to go.

How much does it cost to use Code Climate?

There are basically 2 plans to choose from and it starts from $16.67 per seat. You can also get discounts for seats larger than 25.

How many programming languages does Code Climate support?

Code Climate supports up to 8 programming languages.

What programming languages does Code Climate support?

Code Climate supports programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, PHP, TypeScript, Python, Golang, Ruby and Swift. Objective-C is also coming soon.

What is the maximum number of repositories that I can analyze using Code Climate?

There is no maximum amount of repository to be analyzed on Code Climate. When on any of the paid plans, you will be provided with unlimited repositories.

What payment options does Code Climate accept?

Code Climate accepts all the major credit cards including Diner Club, Visa, JCB, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Does Code Climate offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Yes, Code Climate offers discounts for non-profit organizations as well as for students.

Will I be allowed to change my Code Climate plan at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your Code Climate account as well as cancel it anytime you wish. Any of these can be done within the app.