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Confluence is a team collaboration tool that can be distributed either as on-premise software or software as a service (SaaS).

Confluence is a software for project management that allows businesses and organizations to collaborate, design, and review projects collectively as a team. Users are allowed to publish easily, organize, and gain access to public data in one cardinal location, providing the ability for customers to help themselves. In addition to this, clients can store their team’s knowledge, so that they remain up to date, and are on the same page.

Confluence understands that transparency and organization are important for business teams, which is why the software provides its users with a central location to store their team’s work, keeping it organized and easily accessible, making team members easily location the data they require.

Integration with Mobile Devices

With Confluence, you can work from anywhere using your mobile device. The software is available in the Google PlayStore for Android devices, as well the AppStore for iOS devices. With Confluence for mobile devices, you can stay abreast of latest developments within your team, input greats ideas as they come to you, and ultimately push work forward at all times.

This feature allows users to scribble down ideas, or tweak existing data from their mobile device. You can also view your team’s most recent activity; to catch up on anything you might have missed. In addition to this, clients can approve using likes, give feedbacks using comment, and save pages for a later time to be read on their computer. Using the Confluence Pages for Today widget, clients can access easily content that was recently worked on, make searches across the entire Confluence software, and make meetings preparation very easy. Users also receive push notifications about tasks, likes, comments, mentions, or new pages.

Custom Collaboration

Confluence provides its users with the ability to design anything from meeting notes, to project plans, project requirements, and a many more. Users can also attach files such as multimedia to give structure and life to the work. Users are provided with the ability to leave feedback on the main work on any page of Confluence using inline page and commenting. With Confluence, you are saved the time of having to go through boring threads of emails and chats. Every team can create its own space on Confluence to share information and knowledge. Using an analytical hierarchy and powerful search engine, users can find their saved work and data easily.

There are many other features that Confluence provides its users. Some of these other features include, Add-ons to help in running your business or organizations, Permissions that give users complete control to keep their content and site secure, Template to help you get started with pages, so you do not have to deal with formatting Document Management that allows users to share PDFs, Images, and Office Docs, and a host of others.


There are two pricing options available to users; the cloud-hosted, and the self-hosted. The cloud-hosted plan is free to users for 7 days and is further sub-divided into two independent plans. The first plan costs $10/month, and accommodates up to 10 users, while the second plan can take 11-100 users, and costs $5/month. The self-hosted plan is also subdivided into two options and is free to users for 30 for teams of all sizes. The first sub-option of the self-hosted plan costs $10/month and can accommodate 10 users, while the second plan costs$12, 000 per year and can accommodate 500 users. Both of these options are packed with amazing features.

How can I pay for Confluence?

You can pay for Confluence using Visa, American Express, or Mastercard. Bank transfers or checks can also be used for customers on the annual subscription plan.

Can I use Confluence for free?

You can host a copy of Confluence with all the features free of charge for 30 days. To get started, simply download Confluence.

Who is a Confluence user?

A confluence user is any person that can log in and access the Confluence software.

Does Confluence offer any discounts for academic institutions?

Yes, there are discounts for academic institutions. Qualified academic institutions get up to 50% discounts on server licenses with more than 10 users.

What feature or functions do I get in addition to my license purchase?

In addition to your license purchase, users get continuous use, with 12 months maintenance which includes updates and support. On annual term licenses, Data Center is provided for users.

Will my money be returned to me if I am not satisfied with my license purchase?

Yes, your money will be returned to you if you are not satisfied with your license purchase. Confluence and all Atlassian products offer its users a 30-day money back guaranteed scheme without question asked. However, purchases from 10 user server licenses will not be refunded, as returns from the purchase are donated to charity.

What is software maintenance?

Software maintenance which is included with the first year of use provides users with benefits such as Security Patches, Critical Bug Fixes, New Features and Enhancements, Access to Atlassian’s world-class support team for Technical Troubleshooting, Developer License Keys, and Potential to Enrol in Beta Programs.

How do I request a quote on Confluence?

To request a quote on Confluence is easy. Simply submit a request using the Atlassian Store. When you get to the final step, click on Get a Quote, and then submit. Only the quotes that have been submitted through the online form are considered valid.

What is Data Center?

Data Center is a deployment feature that provides high availability and performance at scale for very important Atlassian applications. Confluence’s Data Center offering is available for Jira, Stash, and Confluence. For more details, visit the Data Center information page.