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Contentful is a fast and flexible Content Management System that makes content management simple for any product, anywhere in the world. Users are able to construct custom content models, as opposed to having to deal with rigid and predefined templates. In addition to providing a big enough room for users to design around, it delivers all needed content, removing the content from presentation in a free and scalable way for optimized performance.

The software is also very affordable and integrates perfectly with all your business software applications. Contentful offers a free plan for beginners, freelancers, and small businesses, as well as a smooth transition towards greater, paid plans to help your brand's development. Contents of this software are stored in entries, which are made up of highly modular and flexible fields. This makes doing away with conventional methods, which can be limiting in terms of presentation of content.

With Contentful, management of content and delivery are decoupled at the infrastructure level, meaning that if management of contents fails, the delivery aspect won't. The delivery infrastructure is read-only for greater speeds, and tighter security, access abilities are chaired depending on the business structure of your organization. It also offers synchronization which allows delivery of little bits of contents update, which can improve the requirements for mobile bandwidth greatly.

Developer Friendly API

With Contentful, you can now seed up your development cycle, as it provides you with powerful APIs, well-documented features, and business demos which can help you prototype easily, as well as design great applications faster than ever. Contentful's API works hand-in-hand with JSON payloads, to give users full programmatic control over content, assets, and translations. Also, the full decoupled write and read APIs ensure that you get a fault free service. The software is mobile friendly, giving you access to image auto-compression, selective sync, and support for offline use.

Great for Business

By going professional on Contentful, you are provided with highly reliable infrastructure and seamless performance monitoring, to professional advice and affordable pricing. You can manage environments, collaborators, access to both individual spaces and organizations, and billing easily. Your content can be hosted on the cloud platform which is monitored 24/7 by engineering and support teams. Also, with the Single Sign-On (SSO), managing user accounts are made easier, ideal for very large teams. The software also helps you manage traffic surges, and expand your team and at the same time keep tabs on your expenses.

Other features that users are equipped with on Contentful include Quick Deployment, Third Party Integration, Multiple API keys, Secure Previews, Media Library, and The Power of Markdown.


Contentful offers users with four amazing pricing options, with a 14-day free trial on all plans. The Developer plan which is free accommodates 3 users, 2 spaces, and 10k records. Some other features of this plan include Community Support and 1TB of bandwidth. The Team plan at$249/month is great for commercial projects run by small businesses. This plan features 12 users, 3 spaces,25k records, Standard Support, 3M API Calls, and many more. At $949/month, the Professional plan which is ideal for sites, and apps run by mixed teams features 5 spaces, 50K records, 20 users, etc. Lastly, for the Enterprise plan, contact Contentful to opt in. This plan is great for global brands, big teams, and businesses and organizations with custom needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contentful?

Contentful is an infrastructure software for content that lets you create, manage, and distribute content to any platform.

What makes Contentful different from other Content Management Software?

In addition to other amazing features, Contentful gives its users complete freedom to create and design their own content model, so they can choose which content to manage.

What are some of the features that make Contentful better than other CMS?

Amazing features that Contentful offer its users includes Mobile and Web Platforms, Uncluttered User Interface, Content Infrastructure, Flexible Content Models, and many more.

What types of contents can I manage on Contentful?

With Contentful, you can manage all types of content, from video, music, and images, to text, code, and structured documents.

Do I have to write code to be able to use Contentful?

No, at Contentful, you can create and organize content without writing code. But if you are going to use Contentful to build websites and apps, actual programming will be needed.

What browsers does Contentful work with?

Contentful works with popular browsers such as Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Are all customers able to use the Single Sign-On feature?

No, the Single Sign-On feature is available only to select Enterprise plan. As a customer on the Enterprise plan, reach out to the sales team to enable SSO for your organization.

What does Entry Versioning mean?

Entry Versioning means the practice of creating different snapshots of a document. It allows Contentful users view previously published versions of an entry, determine who published an entry, and when it was published, compares snapshots of previous and current entries, and restore content to a previous state where necessary.

Can linked content be versioned?

No, entry-level versioning does not create nor store snapshots of linked entities.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are employed to notify users of when a content has been changed.

How can I set up a Webhook?

To set up a Webhook on Contentful, simply go to Settings > Webhooks > Add Webhook, and you will be taken to your new Webhook. You then select a name, fill in data for your HTTP endpoint, indicate custom headers if any, and then choose the typed of events or instances that should trigger the Webhook.

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