is a platform that uses customer behavior data and rules to message users

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Overview is a tool that helps you build and design ideal customer interactions for all your clients. It is a popular email marketing tool which allows you increase sales, gain customers and maintain excellent customer relations with already existing customers. You are provided with a wide range of features to ensure proper contact management.

The core functionality of is to provide email amd marketing automation. The software provides you with an advanced rules-engine that stimulates and sends emails exactly how you scheduled them. You can also see how people behave after they have been logged in. can be set to send a specific email based on a specific behavior to a customer or client. The software is triggered automatically when it notices a particular behavior. It also collects analytics which can provide you with data to measure the successes of your sales.


Email Campaigns offers you email campaigns packed with a lot of features. One of them is the newsletters aspect which is designed to help your business issue out new releases and announcements. These newsletters could be sent to a customized segment, the entire businesses' database, or your company's customer list. The software offers you A/B Testing which allows you test your emails subject line, timing, content, and address. You can also track the conversation in these emails to help you measure success.

Automated Behavioural and Transactional Email

Online shopping receipts, password resets, or data export notifications, transactional emails, and event-triggered campaigns are perfect on Segmented triggered emails ensure that messages are sent to the right recipients, based on a combination of customer's profile and behavior. Without exactly engaging your customers, you can send transactional messages wherever your customers or clients are. workflows allow you design campaigns which can be set to be triggered by a user's behavior. The software's reporting interface and Webhooks help you create better organizational insights or improve on a particular message.

Built-in Actions and Integrations

You can get started immediately on sending automated emails and Webhooks right from the software without any assembly or installation required. The Webhook action in the software allows you use to connect with any API, providing you with the complete control over how you communicate with your clients. The software provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to use a Webhook. also integrates seamlessly with several software to streamline your workflow. Some of these integrations include; Twilio, Urban Airship, Slack, Zapier, etc.

Pricing offers you 4 pricing option to choose from -The Small Business, Startup, Enterprise, and Broadcast plans. The Small Business plan costs $250/month and can take on 50,000 profiles and 100,000 free messages. The Startup plan costs $750/month and you are provided with 250,000 profiles and 500,000 free messages. The Enterprise costs $1250/mo and features 500,000 profiles and 1,000,000 free messages. Lastly, the Broadcast plan at $2500/month and features; 1,000,000 profiles and 5,000,000 free messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does offer users any free trial version?

Yes, offers you a free trial version.

How long does the free trial version of last for? offers you a free 30-day trial version.

Do I need to fill in my credit card details to sign up for the free trial on

No, does not require your credit card details in order for you to sign up for the free trial.

Is there a limit to the amount of data I can store on my account?

There is no limit to the amount of data you can store on

What is a profile on

A profile on is everyone that possesses a unique ID in your account. The total number of unique IDs counts towards the overall number of profiles in your account at any given time.

Does the software charge for profile?

Yes, charges for profiles.

What happens to my account if I have more profiles than included in my plan?

If you have more profiles than included in your account, you will be charged a metered rate for the total number of profiles in that account.

Does charge for messages?

Yes, the software charges you for messages sent.

What is a message on

On, a message is a Webhook or Email action. A Webhook action is anything from a postcard to a push notification. You can learn more about Webhooks actions Here.

What will happen to my account if it would be less expensive for me to be on a higher plan on

If it would be less expensive for you to be on a higher plan, the software will automatically upgrade you so that you can pay the lowest possible plan for your use.

Will I be charged if I send more messages than my plan can accommodate on

If you send more messages than allocated on your plan, you will be charged a fee.

How much will I be charged for additional messages sent on my plan?

The software will charge you an additional $0.12/ thousand additional messages beyond your plan.

Can I use my personal email provider on

Yes, you can use your email provider on the software.

Will I be charged when I send emails on my own email provider?

No, the software will not charge you for emails sent using your email provider.

Does offer any discounts?

No, does not offer users any discounts. The pricing plans are structured fairly and consistently across all organizations.

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