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DigitalOcean is a simple and robust cloud computing platform, designed for developers.
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DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure solution designed to make the web infrastructure simpler for developers. All their plans are affordable and feature rich, and can be easily configured. Offering very basic services, specifically VPS’s in the cloud and DNS administration, Digital Ocean is developing as a provider of simple cloud hosting solutions. It does not offer load balancing, hostel databases as well as Hadoop clusters, unlike a lot of its competitors. With great simplicity and cost-effectiveness, several companies find the hosting plans of the DigitalOcean as an ally of their success, with their low products’ prices and their powerful virtual machines developing with their business.

The DigitalOcean platform is really simple compared to the complexity of other cloud providers such as AWS. An excellent example of this can be seen in the process of creating a new virtual machine, or what DigitalOcean calls a "droplet." Instead of being showered with a huge number of incredible options that the operating system use, DigitalOcean makes the procedure simpler by providing you with the choice between 6 popular server vendors.

Digital Ocean's mission statement focuses on simplicity. This is obvious across the entire platform but is particularly significant in its main features. Cloud servers are usually configured for only 55 seconds. Meanwhile, a 99.99% prolongation of work makes it one of the most reliable available resources. When added to high levels of security and data protection, it is no surprise that so many users use this platform to send messages globally. Furthermore, a simple navigation board is a breath of fresh air for programmers. The API features give users the ultimate level of control. This provides a personal experience that guarantees excellent results.

Even the pricing strategy is straightforward. Customers are only charged for their actual use. This means there is no much time spent in unused hours. The monthly constraints ensure that you will never exceed the maximum cost, regardless of the number of droplets produced. DigitalOcean’s servers are equipped with high-performance SSDs, giving developers unmatched speed and performance on their hosted sites as well as applications. The cloud servers are active and can easily be customized in one minute or less. The control panel has no steep learning curve - it's easy to use, enabling users to quickly and effortlessly configure cloud servers and development frameworks.

The largest selling point of DigitalOcean is a wide spectrum of available plans. This flexibility makes it the perfect choice for individuals and businesses. Truthfully, no developer will find it difficult to find a solution tailored to their certain requirements. Standard packages vary from one server to four, while the memory can range from 512MB to 8GB. The transmission rate of TB can be between 1 and 5 depending on the plan, and the SSD space starts at 20GB and extends to 80GB.

Advanced Equipment

To create an environment appealing to apps and site developers, DigitalOcean offers the best available cloud hosting equipment. The company understands the need for quick, clean, and powerful experience and can boast of creating a new SSD cloud server within 55 seconds. The servers are equipped with the best hardware, such as powerful HEX Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram to stick to the solid state hard drives.

Each design comes standard with a 1Gb/sec network interface, with an introductory plan that starts at a 1TB transfer limit and growing in the other packages. With more data centers available in some parts of the world, developers can select the location where their data will be stored, helping you with the response time of the files. You can make use of this powerful configuration to create multiple virtual environments for servers that DigitalOcean calls "droplets." This equipment enables faster development and faster loading time for end users as well as website visitors.

Intuitive API/Control Panel

Having a tool that enables you to build almost any website or application implies that you will need an interface that enables you to manage and view all of your projects in a simple format. This is the very reason why DigitalOcean has created a custom API that allows programmers to fully control all the virtual servers they create. A unique feature of this API is that it is a completely open source, allowing developers to customize or completely renew the interface.

In addition, DigitalOcean offers a custom designed control panel that will enable you to effectively manage all of your resources. Some of the features of their panel are simple to manage the domain, team accounts to help you maintain staff and facilities with one click. One of the natural features is the ability to assign more resources with just one click. If your need is increased, the process of obtaining more storage space is simplified. Their developer-friendly interface has made them more popular with more than 55,000 developers using this host.

As one of the leaders in the market, DigitalOcean has fantastic support content. Specifically, their website has an amazingly helpful community area. This is filled with a lot of tutorial content, frequently asked questions, and other things that can be utilized to improve user experience. Meanwhile, a part of the extended help provides answers to almost all imaginable queries. If those questions are not attended to, a ticketing system lets users speak and ask professionals.

What is a droplet IP address?

A Floating DigitalOcean IP Address is a publicly available static IP address that can be allocated to one of your Droplets. A floating IP address can also be transmitted immediately, via the control panel or the DigitalOcean API, to one of your other Droplets in the same datacenter.

What is a droplet digital ocean?

DigitalOcean names its cloud servers Droplets; every Droplet you make is a new server for your personal use.

Does DigitalOcean keep logs of connections of my droplets?

They offer a Droplets with essential distributions like Ubuntu, so they do not track the link for their actual Droplet. Nevertheless, most applications you install will keep their records in/var/log and will incorporate connection attempts.

How do I choose between monthly and hourly billing?

You do not have to choose between hourly and monthly billing. You are going to be charged per hour for each Droplet until it gets to its monthly limit, for example, $10/month for 1GB Droplet. The monthly limit is equal to the hourly Droplet rate for 28 days (672 hours). Calculating the limit this way enables you to be sure of the highest amount you will pay every month, and you do not need to calculate the month's differences.

Can I pay in advance?

At present, they accept PayPal payments in advance. When you make use of a credit or debit card, they bill on the 1st day of the month for the invoice of your previous month.

Is DigitalOcean a VPS?

Of course, it is. It is a perfect VPS server for those who have never made use of VPS hosting before. When registering with DigitalOcean, you are not registering for one server. Instead, you can make one or more servers, called droplets, in your account.

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