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Get the most reliable & best-valued DNS services at DNS Made Easy. We provide top tier Enterprise DNS services on our 100% uptime guaranteed IP Anycast+ network.
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DNS Made Easy is a name server hosting service that helps a lot of individuals get their ideas and businesses online on a daily basis. International organizations make use of DNS Made Easy every day to point their online traffic to their coordinated systems. Although DNS Made Easy is, first and foremost, a name server hosting service, they also offer many other related services as well as features that have made them the only service provider on the World Wide Web that provides such an adaptable web-based internet service procedure.

The primary goal of DNS Made Easy is to make whatever DNS problems you may have to disappear. One of the services offered by DNS Made Easy is to reroute online traffic to the desired destination. This is made possible by the use of multiple hosts which run identical copies of a website and enable the Anycast protocol. This reroutes online visitors quickly to the closest website which is not only closer but more accessible to them. Anycast routing allows restricted versions of a website along with price points, multiple product offerings, languages, e-commerce stores, etc. that potential customers would be searching for. Thus, business owners take advantage of the services offered by DNS Made Easy to serve all online customers, regardless of nationality or creed.

DNS Made Easy also handles downtime issues and the re-routing of online traffic to an alternative server in the blink of an eye. So business owners have nothing to worry about in the eventuality that a host goes down temporarily.

DNS Made Easy Pricing and Plans

DNS Made Easy provides four membership options for its users:

  • Home User
  • Small Business – Costs $29.95 and is packaged with ten managed domains along with 5 million queries per month
  • Business – Costs $59.95 annually and comes with 25 domains and 10 million queries per month
  • Corporate – Costs $1499.95 annually and covers up to 50 domains along with 50 million monthly queries

Note: Both the Corporate and Business membership options feature failover protection, which is perhaps too much of a good thing given that DNS Made Easy has a topnotch resolution system that is used globally.

What is DNS?

DNS – domain name system – refers to a technology service hinged on the internet which allows the translation of a domain name to an Internet Protocol (IP) address. A domain name is an easy-to-remember and meaningful name that has to do with a World Wide Web (IP) address. DNS Made Easy deals with the mapping between host names which is convenient for us, humans, e.g., and the internet address that can only be understood by computers, e.g.

What does TTL mean?

‘TTL’ means ‘time to live’, and this signifies the amount of time by which your DNS record is reserved or stored in resolving name servers on the World Wide Web, and is usually measured in seconds. If your Internet Protocol often changes – i.e. dynamic – or if you want to reposition your computer such that it uses another IP, it is permitted if you set your TTL to a value that is low in order to reduce the cache time. As soon as your Internet Protocol becomes static or after you must have transferred your computer system to a newer IP, you can then switch your TTL to a higher value as recommended by experts. When the value of the TTL is high, the performance of DNS will be faster as well given that most machines usually have the value reserved for an extended period, thus minimizing lookups. Nevertheless, if your TTL is too high, lengthy periods of downtime may arise is your computer has no choice than to switch Internet Protocols. If, however, your system’s IP is static, then the recommended TTL should range from

What is an IP?

‘IP’ stands for Internet Protocol, and this is the method – protocol – via which data is transferred from one computer to another computer on the World Wide Web. Each computer – otherwise known as ‘host’ – on the World Wide Web has no less than one IP address that exclusively identifies it from every other computer linked to the internet.

What about Vanity DNS? Do you support it?

DNS Made Easy does validate Vanity DNS for all levels of memberships. Vanity DNS is a technique used to re-brand DNS Made Easy name servers with a client’s personalized hostnames, using their own domain name.

What is the difference between a domain name and a fully qualified domain name?

A domain name is used to pinpoint an entity or organization on the World Wide Web. For instance, is the domain name assigned to DNS Made Easy organization. This implies that when you see ‘’, it signifies a computer in the DNS Made Easy organization. On the other hand, a Fully Qualified Domain Name is the full name used to identify the specific location of a computer in the grading of a complete domain. For instance, assuming two groups within the DNS Made Easy organization were created, namely sales and inquiries. The sub-domains assigned to these groups would be and respectively. The particular system that is assigned to the sales group or sub-domain will have its FQDN to be