Drift is a messaging app that makes it easy for businesses to talk to their website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere.

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Drift is the world’s first and only conventional marketing platform where customers are provided with a modern-day buying experience. Apart from providing prospective customers with this platform, it also helps to generate more qualified leads as well as spontaneously increases the sales cycle.

Unlike other marketing and sales prospecting software available today, Drift makes use of cold calls forms and countless follow-up emails which connects business with their web visitors in real time by means of artificial intelligence and bots.

The software allows you to also easily qualify leads at a pedestal that will blow your mind. It provides you with Playbooks for all your different subpages and landing pages, which guarantees that at all stages of your funnel, you can deliver extra value to your prospects with the chat functionality. It is easy to customize the conversations, making sure that only the right questions are asked at the right times.

Drift can help you schedule your calls with the sales team for pre-qualified leads. Although it is based in Germany, it works perfectly with a number of other companies in the United States. Furthermore, the calendar integration provides you with the time zone differences and multiple emails back and forth until you are able to find a suitable slot. From your sales reps calendar, people can pick a slot and be provided with a bridge for an instant call.

Drift is home to over 50,000 businesses including InVision, Toast, Zenefits, Yesware, Zuora, Jebbit and many more.



The software makes it easy for you to connect with the visitors on your site. By doing so, you will be able to answer their questions in real-time, leading to more leads convert and ultimately more deals. Drift will help talk to people for you in the right place, using the right message and at the right time, on your site and right within the app. You will also enjoy pre-qualified prospects for chats, automatically book sales calls and a wonderful seamless communication experience across email and chat.

Mobile Teams

Drift was designed for flexible and on-the-go teams. Most of your customers or prospects will want help in real-time, which is why the software’s browser and mobile apps make it easy to provide them with the help or answers that they require. You can also share conversations with your fellow team members as well as leave notes for them so that they will be equipped with all of the insights too.


Drift’s Playbooks have pre-packaged templates which have been designed to help you meet your marketing goals. When you have a visitor at your site, the software’s intelligent sales assistant will help you capture the information of the visitor, qualify the lead for your use, using questions that are pertinent to your business and also schedule a meeting. All of these are done in seconds before the visitor leaves the site. The Capture, Qualify & Connect makes it possible to achieve this.


There are 3 pricing options available to you on Drift: The Personal, Team and Company plan. The Personal plan is free, and ideal for individuals that what to chat with prospects, schedule meetings and send sales email sequences. It is free to sign up and does not require your credit card details. The Team plan costs $360/month and is perfect for sales or marketing teams that want to increase their qualified leads, send shared email sequences and push conversations to CRM. Lastly, the Company plan at $1200/month is perfect for organizations that want to do account-based marketing, connect lead routing with CRM and book meetings automatically. Contact Enterprise to find out pricing details for an Enterprise-based plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drift?

Drift is software where prospective customers and clients can make purchases from.

Who can use Drift?

Drift is available for use by businesses that provide any form of services or products to customers. These businesses can include small, medium and large scale businesses, as well as personal businesses.

Is Drift free?

No, Drift is not free to use.

Does Drift offer users a free trial version?

Yes, Drift offers you a free trial version without requiring your credit card details.

What features are available to me on the free trial version?

On Drift, the free trial version will include 1 seat, 150 email/month, 100 active chats, etc.

Can I upgrade my Drift account anytime I wish?

Yes, you can upgrade your Drift account anytime you wish.

How do I upgrade my Drift account?

To upgrade your Drift account, simply head over to the billing page after you have logged in and click on the plan you like.

Can I downgrade my Drift account anytime I wish to?

Yes, you can downgrade your Drift account anytime you wish to.

How do I downgrade my Drift account?

To downgrade your Drift account, contact the software and you will be provided assistance to help you downgrade your account successfully.

Can I use Drift on my mobile devices?

Yes, you can use Drift on your mobile device. The software is available on iOS in the PlayStore and on Android devices in the Google AppStore.

How do I delete a user from my Team on Drift?

To delete a user on your team on Drift, you need to be an admin. If you are an admin, go to Team Settings, you will see a list containing all your current team members. Use the checkboxes to click on any member you will like to delete, and then click on Delete.

What does an Active Contact on Drift mean?

An Active Contact on Drift is a person who has visited your website and has dropped their email address or a person whose information you have updated within the last 90 days.

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