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Drip is the first ECRM–an Ecommerce CRM designed for building personal and profitable relationships with your customers at scale.
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Drip is an automated marketing tool which allows users to design interactions with leads. Users can also send custom emails based on user behaviour, as well as automate marketing for a portion of what other marketing service providers' offer.

The software is different from others on the market today because messages sent follow a pre-set timing, and secondly, the messages are 'dripped' in a set which can apply to a specific behaviour or status of the receiver. Drip provides marketers with the ability to make more money using intelligent marketing automation.

Drip provides users with an intuitive workflow to help them create an amazing customer experience. Using the visual workflow builder, you can design easily comprehensive and customized email campaigns which help you simplify your sales funnel.



Drip understands that when tools work together, marketing goals are achieved. This is why the software integrates seamlessly with all aspects of your business, offering different ways to connect and present a united front. Users can integrate quickly with their most used marketing tools in a matter of clicks. This software also provides users with the ability to import their data from software they were using previously. Drip integrates perfectly with LeadCapture, Salesforce, Wistia, WickedReports, Stripe, etc.


Drip offers you a tracking code that delivers insights into who your customers are, and what kind of services they require. The software provides you with a single source of information using full customer timelines for every person that interacts with your business or organization. You can learn about your clients and website visitors with Drip, as well as track any data anyhow you desire. The software helps you identify your best customers and prospects by fusing their activities into a score. You can then customize how the score is applied to work easily with your organization.

Marketing Automation

Drip can help you send creative campaigns using email, and Facebook to boost marketing for your brand. The emails are designed to speak to your customer's interest and behaviour. The software uses industry-leading deliverability rates to ensure that you secure a deal. By using Drip, you increase customer engagement with workflow, which adapts to the interests and behaviour of your customers.


Using Drip, you can create personalized marketing campaigns designed for humans and not bots. You will also gladden your customers as well as sell more, using hyper-relevant content, recommendations and more. You can also decide to make your content personal by tweaking it to suit the needs of your customers. Users are also provided with the software's email builder which makes it easy to personalize certain aspects of their messaging for individuals.

Analytics & Reporting

Using this feature, you can decide on what a conversion means to your brand, set the values, and sit back as Drip helps you fetch more of them. The software is equipped with more than ten reports which provide you with everything you need to make the right decisions for your business.


Drip offers your four pricing options to choose from - Starter, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The Starter plan is free for you and can accommodate 0-100 Subscribers, with Unlimited Email Sends. At $41/month, the Basic plan accommodates 101-2500 Subscribers, and you are provided with Unlimited Email Sends. The Pro plan costs $83 and can take on 2501-5000 Subscriber, in addition to Unlimited Email Sends. Lastly, the Enterprise plan varies per month but can accommodate over 5000 Subscribers, plus Custom Send Rates.

Does Drip offer free trials?

Yes, Drip offers users free trials.

How long does the Drip free trial last?

Drip offers free trials which last for three weeks.

What features will I enjoy on Drip's free trial?

You will be able to use all Drip's features on the free trial.

When happens after Drip's free trial period?

If after Drip's free trial, you like it and want to continue, your card will be charged a monthly fee at the expiration of the free trial period.

Can I set a reminder to notify me before my Drip trial period ends?

Drip will send a mail to you a couple of days before your trial period elapses to remind you.

How easy is it to set up Drip?

It is very easy to set up Drip. The setup process is quite straightforward. What is involved in the setup process? The setup process involves three simple steps- downloading and installing the JavaScript Snippet. Next, you then import your subscribers, and finally activate your workflow or campaign. Am I allowed to change my plan on Drip? Drip works by automatically downgrading or upgrading your plans. For example, if you surpass the email or subscriber limit for a specific plan, the software will automatically move you a step higher for subsequent billing. The same applies if people unsubscribe, Drip will automatically downgrade your plan.

Does Drip offer migration services to users?

Yes, Drip offers migration services to users.

How does Drip help me move my data from my former tool?

Drip will help you lift data from your previously existing tool, move them to the software, and set it up. To find out more about Drip's migration services, click HERE.

Does Drip offer users customer support?

Yes, Drip offers you customer support.

What kind of support does Drip offer users?

Drip offers email support to users on the trial version, as well as the first month of the Starter plan. For users on the paid plans, they will be provided with live chat support which is available Mondays - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm.

Does Drip offer user annual plans?

Yes, Drip offers annual plans to users.

How does Drip's annual plan work?

Drip's annual plan is designed in a way to help you save money. When you purchase an annual plan, you will be provided with two free months of bonus credit added to your account.