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eFax® is the global leader in online fax. Send & receive faxes by email. Get a local, toll-free or international fax number. Fax from anywhere with our mobile app.
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eFax is a business ops software that allows businesses and individuals to send and receive faxes online. The software is easy to use and can connect you with 11 million customers worldwide. The software does not require a physical fax machine for use, and you will be provided with local, toll-free and international numbers. With eFax and an active internet connection, you can send and receive fax using your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world, eFax is available for download on Google PlayStore and AppStore for Android and iOS devices.


Mobile Fax App

Using the eFax software, you can receive, send, and sign faxes right from the comfort of your mobile device. The user-friendly mobile app allows you to fax quickly and easily. From the screen of your mobile device, you can also sign fax documents. You can attach fax documents which are stored on your device or in any of the cloud storage devices. The mobile app helps you work from anywhere and on the go.

Toll-Free Numbers

You can provide your business with a national presence whether you are a one-person company or not using the toll-free fax number. This will allow you present the image of your company as an established and successful business. The toll-free numbers will also help you expand your company’s reach beyond your area. Prospects and customers will also be able to reach your company anywhere they are and at no cost.

Local Fax Numbers

eFax provides you with a local fax number with a local area code which can send messages to customers that you are a business in their neighborhood that they can trust and rely on. Local fax numbers will also help you establish credibility by showing customers that you have a local focus. When you have a local fax number from eFax, it underscores that your business is an integral part of the community as well as provide a sense of easy accessibility to your customers and clients.

Lifetime Storage

With eFax, you can securely store your faxes online and retrieve them easily and quickly anytime from your eFax online portal. All inbound and outbound faxes can be stored online and tagged with keywords to make search and retrieval easy. You can also find and download stored faxes using the eFax portal or mobile app.

Electronic Signature

eFax allows you to sign faxes online using the screen of your mobile device. The software allows you to attach your signature electronically from any internet enabled device. You can also choose from 2 available options provided for any of your faxes in the mobile app and eliminate the hassle of having to physically sign documents. eFax electronic signature feature helps you close deals faster, as well as improve responsiveness to prospects and customers, saving you time.


There are two (2) pricing options available to you on eFax: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. The eFax Plus costs $16.95/month and a setup fee of $10. On this plan, you will be able to receive and send 150 free pages every month. Additional pages for both receiving and sending faxes will cost an extra $0.10/page. The eFax Pro costs $19.95/month with a setup fee of $19.95. This plan comes with 200 free pages every month for both sending and receiving faxes. Additional pages for sending and receiving fax costs extra $0.10/page.

What is eFax?

eFax is a software that allows users to send and receive faxes online.

Can I use eFax as an independent user?

Yes, eFax is available for use by individuals as well as businesses and organizations.

Does eFax offer users any free trial version?

Yes, eFax offers you a free trial version.

What is included in eFax’s free trial version?

eFax’s free trial version comes with all the features of the paid plans.

How soon after I sign up for an eFax account can I start receiving faxes?

You start receiving faxes from your eFax account immediately it is set up.

Does a sender need to have an eFax account before I can receive my fax using the software?

No, eFax number works like a regular fax number meaning that you can receive fax from anyone.

Will I be provided with my own eFax number?

Yes, you will be provided with your own eFax number the moment your account is set up.

Can I have more than one eFax number?

Yes, on eFax, you can have as much as ten numbers.

Will I be able to receive my faxes on more than one email account?

Yes, eFax lets you register up to 5 email addresses on your account.

How do I know when I have been sent a fax on the software?

Whenever you are sent a message on eFax, a notification will be sent to your email address.

Will I be notified when a fax has been delivered successfully?

Yes, the software will notify you by sending a confirmation receipt to your email confirming the delivery.

How do I edit my billing information on eFax?

To edit your billing information on eFax, simply log into your account then click on the Billing tab.

What payment options are available to users on eFax?

eFax accepts payment from credit cards, direct debit as well as bank transfers.

How do I change my payment method on eFax?

To change your payment method on eFax, contact the support team on 08006892050.

Can I cancel my eFax account?

Yes, users can cancel their account anytime they wish to.

How do I cancel my eFax account?

To cancel your account at any time, contact the customer support team on 08006899336.

What kind of support is available to users on eFax?

On eFax, you are provided with live chat, email, and phone support.