SaaS Dash: FAQ

How does it work?

SaaS Dash works by automatically ferreting out all the receipts and invoices your employees receive from the thousands of different software vendors that exist. No more email firedrills to collect invoices! After a Google for Work admin installs our Google Apps Marketplace app, we perform nightly scans for emails from those known vendors and capture key pieces of transactional information in order to render our Dash and send various notification/summary emails.

What about vendors that don’t send receipts?

We are actively working to capture payment data via integrating with various business credit cards and bank accounts. Stay tuned!

How secure is it?

We take security and our users trust extremely seriously, and as such we employ first-class security technology and adhere to first-class security policy. Blissfully's infrastructure runs on world-class, secure-cloud infrastructure. Our incoming and outgoing connections are SSL encrypted. We query standard GMail APIs specifically and exclusively for emails form known venders, Google's servers filter results by vendor securely on our behalf, and we only store meta-data about the email and its contents. We neither store nor ever access data that isn't directly related to software-vendor activity. Operationally, we require all of the systems we depend on to be locked down with two-factor authorization. Our production, development, testing infrastructures are all hard-firewalled from one another, and the servers that run our infrastructre are not SSH accessible, even to us. Changes to our infrastructure and code require manual approval from internal admins as part of our standard development process. Finally, we understand and appreciate that some of our customers take security as seriously as we do: please feel free to contact us to engage in clarification and deeper conversation:

How do you make money?

Blissfully SaaS Dash is a free tool, and we intend to keep it that way. By providing expenses & savings insights, we hope to earn your trust so that we might recommend other software and "smart" apps that help your organization run more smoothly... and save money. Sometimes we have a partner/reseller relationship with those vendors, in some instances we author those apps ourselves, and sometimes it's a bit of both. (For instance, your orginaztion might benefit from our "Google Apps Smart Billing" feature). Fundamentally, we aim to be a useful, unbiased tool, that automatically provides you with value - and if we do that well, we earn our keep.

How do you deliver results so fast?

Thanks for noticing! Our stack leverages super-modern "serverless" technologies to surface results near-instantly; we think it makes for great product experience. It took a lot of effort, and we're proud of the results.

How do I cancel/uninstall?

Since it's a free product, there is nothing to cancel. However, if you're interested in removing the product completely, the process is straightforward. Please contact us at for detailed prepared instructions, or to begin immediately, simply go to your Google Apps Admin Console, 3rd party applications, and delete the Blissfully app (and then contact us, we are happy to verify the process is complete)