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Fastly’s edge cloud platform offers fast, secure and scalable digital experiences for the most popular businesses in the world. Fastly help the world’s most popular digital companies to keep pace with their client expectations by providing secure and scalable online experiences. Businesses have trust in the Fastly edge cloud platform to mitigate evolving threats and speed up the pace of technical innovation.

Fastly’s capacity to remove stale content immediately ensures that your clients always see accurate inventory and pricing data through multiple channels from within the Magento backend. Fastly’s high-performance network is built to absorb traffic spikes so that your website never goes down, even during times of heavy traffic like flash sales, peak holiday season or potential DDoS attacks.


Signing up with Fastly is easy - you can sign up in minutes. Enter your name, company, email address, password, and phone number. You won't be asked for payment details until your free traffic allowance has been used. A Create Service button allows configuring your first site. This procedure starts by entering a name, domain name, and hostname or IP address. Fastly allows setting up a private connection to your origin server by making use of TLS, and offer a variety of options to select your TLS port and describe how to authenticate the TLS certificate.

The configuration continues in the next process when you set a DNS CNAME record to point traffic to Fastly. This does not just involve copy and pasting a particular fixed host. But you select a hostname based on your TLS needs, whether HTTP/2 is enabled, whether you’re routing traffic through the EU and US PoPs or making use of the global network.

Easy To Install and Use

Fastly’s Extension for Magento is a free open source plugin that you can install in less than 30 minutes. Once you have set-up Fastly, the Magento backend becomes your control center for content delivery - you don’t need to input any code. Set custom TTLs for some particular pages or content categories, disable caching for modified content such as shopping cart information and use the debug options to help uncover possible problems. Purge requests can be triggered via an API call, without needing to log into your Fastly account. Fastly provide 5 hours of free implementation assistance when you purchase Fastly e-commerce package. For more complex environments, you can purchase additional hours if needed.

Instantly Update Content Globally

Fastly distributes your e-commerce site to global users using strategically placed points of presence (POPs). In a globally distributed environment, you must ensure that the content is up-to-date in all remote caches. Fastly can purge invalid objects, within 150 milliseconds, so your visitors always see the current information. Using Surrogate Keys, related sets of objects that need to be purged can be grouped. The Fastly Extension for Magento observes every product change in the system and activates a purge request via the Fastly API. Deliver accurate inventory and pricing data across a multi-channel strategy from Magento backend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Fastly's CDN Service Work?

Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN). The platform serves as an Internet intermediary and provides the CDN Service to make transmission of your content to your end users more effective. You can create customer-generated content, as your end user-generated content. You can make content available through your websites and Internet access via a hosted application programming interfaces (APIs). Fastly's CDN Service makes the transmission of your content more effective by automatically storing copies at transitional locations on a temporary basis.

Can Fastly Host My Content?

Fastly accelerate your website by caching both dynamic content and static assets by acting as a reverse proxy to your origin server which is also known as "Origin Pull," however Fastly does not offer services for uploading your content to their servers. So also, in using your servers as the source, they also support various cloud storage services as your sources, such as Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), as your file source. Fastly partners with Google this enables them to have direct connectivity to their cloud infrastructure.

How do I donfigure Fastly?

You can configure Backend timeout and Origin shielding in the Fastly module by going to: Magento admin - Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System > Full Page Cache > Fastly Below the Fastly Configuration, click the Backend settings: You’ll see a list of backends. Click on the cog icon next to the backend that you want to configure Shielding. The modal window will pop up. For the Shield value, you can select Datacenter close to your backend. As for backend timeout settings, it’s ideal to leave default values or set them based on your needs. Press the Upload button in the top right corner to apply your changes.

What is Fastly Pricing?

Fastly does not involve long-term contracts and their pricing is easy and simple to know, with no hidden charges. You can test up to $50 of traffic for free, no obligation is required. Billing is based on data transfer and volume requests if applicable on your TLS/SSL plan. Sign up is self-service, and there is no need to talk to a sales representative. You can get cheap rates based on a commitment in a yearly contract. Fastly’s on-demand pricing differs per region, and the default districts are covered in their pricing system. Clients who are interested in particular areas that are not listed can contact the Fastly sales team.

What are the Features of Fastly?

Fastly is proud of quick configuration updates, the ability to cache dynamic content, traffic spike protection and instant purging real-time log streaming and analytics. Customers can modify their Varnish configurations.

Does Fastly Offer Customer Support?

Fastly offers a range of paid plans and support options. Free to all is their API references, extensive public documentation, email support and community forum. Clients can pay to upgrade the support level, such as getting dedicated account management, phone support and getting quick responses, outside business hour.

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