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Upload, view and export files, transform images, convert documents, transcode audio and videos, store content and deliver fast via content delivery network (CDN).
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Product Overview

Filestack is a developer service for uploading files in the domain of user-created content. Very similar to APIs from other technology applications such as Strip and Twillo, Filestack makes room for software developers to integrate with over 25 top cloud drives using just a few codes. End users are also allowed access to upload content from different websites and mobile applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox, or any other location that the content is stored.

The software also enables software developers to upload and store large data, transform and juggle images and other types of files, ultimately delivering the content with the fastest speed across all types of mobile and desktop devices. Filestack is used by more than 50,000 app developers globally. Filestack allows users upload different types of files from any platform, to develop it, and deliver it to any location of their choice. After uploads, files can be previewed, and users get different file upload options to choose from. Thanks to Filestack's great number of integrations, users are also presented with unlimited storage space for files.

File Uploads

With Filestack, the cloud is the new storage device. You can connect end users to more than 20 top cloud drives globally, to provide users with a wonderful file uploading experience. Using the file picker feature for file uploads, there is no limit to which you can upload files, and this is done by simply dragging and dropping files to the picker. Also, using the picker feature, users are provided the ability to crop or resize images to suit their needs before they are sent to their website or app. Users are also able to adjust file types, sizes, and sources to restrict user uploaded files.

Content Ingestion Network

Filestack's Ingestion Network is the fastest and most reliable way to upload files and documents from any part of the world. The software's CIN uses regional S3 networks to store temporary files until they reach their long-term home such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, or Amazon Web Services. Within few moments of a user uploading a file, they are given a temporary file link to be used while the file is uploading in the background. The file is then available immediately after upload, giving an up to 10 times increase in speed of uploads.

Document Conversions

You can easily convert a document format to another format of your choice by using fluid API based parameters. The software's API allows for conversion between all the most popular formats such as PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, PNGs, and many more. When users convert PDFs and PowerPoint documents into images, they are provided with the ability to tweak the resolution of the document that it generates using the density parameter.


Filestack offers its users five pricing options to choose from. The first plan, which is free, offers users with; 250 uploads, 50MB File Size, 500 Transformations, 3GB Bandwidth, and Filestack Storage. At $49/month, users are provided with 8, 000 Uploads, 250MB File Size, 25,000 Transformations, Email Support, 50GB Bandwidth, and S3 Storage. The third plan costs $149/month and features 40,000 Uploads, 2GB File Size, Chat Support, 150,000 Transformations, 200GB Bandwidth, and Filestack Storage. Lastly, at $299/month, users are given 100, 000 Uploads, 5GB File Size, Phone Support, 300,000 Transformations, 400GB Bandwidth, and All Storage.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started on Filestack?

To get started with Filestack, you will need an API key.

What are the cloud services available to users on Filestack?

Filestack offers users with cloud services such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, GitHub, OneDrive, as well as URLs that can be accessed publicly.

How do I use cloud integrations on Filestack?

To use any of the cloud integration services on Filestack, users will have to link these cloud integrations by permitting Filestack to access their account on the cloud storage premise.

Do I need to provide permission every time I want to use any of the cloud integrations?

No, you do not need to grant permission every time you want to use the cloud integrations. Granting access can be done once only, so users do not need to go through the process every time you need to use the cloud storage.

Why can't I view all of my files on Filestack?

The files users see on your account depend solely on the service that the user has chosen. For instance, if you choose a video service, only video files will be shown to you.

Where do my translated files go to on Filestack?

When a process has been completed, Filestack will send the user an email containing a link to the translated file. The file will then need to be downloaded from the user's end, and stored in a location of their choosing.

Are my files secure on Filestack?

With Filestack, user's files are as secure as files on the cloud meaning that as long as no other person has access to your password, the software is a very secure tool for your documents.

What model security does Filestack use?

Filestack uses OAUTH or SAML security model which requires a live browser session to authorize permission. The security model is the same model most cloud services use.

Where is the main office of Filestack located?

Filestack's headquarters is located San Antonio, Texas.

How many apps has Filestack built since its inception?

Filestack has built over 100, 000 applications spanning a vast array of functions and uses.

How many files has Filestack successfully processed?

Filestack has successfully processed over 1 billion files.

What formats can I convert my audio files to on Filestack?

On Filestack, you can easily convert audio files to formats such as mp3, oga, m4a, and aac.

What formats can I convert my video files to on Filestack?

You can convert video files easily to formats such as mp3, wav, ogg, and WMA.