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Keep all your contacts in one place and automatically up-to-date with the FullContact Address Book.
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FullContact is an online contact management software which provides marketing teams and salespeople with contact management solution from social networks, public data, blogs or photos. It enables the software build a social profile of your leads and customers. It also ensures that whatever data is gotten is updated constantly.

The software allows you to find and add new contacts, by checking their email inbox and removing invalid and harmful addresses, it is able to achieve this. When you use FullContact, you will notice that the number of your returned emails have reduced drastically. You will also notice that the deliverability of your emails is enhanced. By creating new online contacts, the software allows you to add tags and notes to them so that you can recognize them easily.

By using the API for companies, you can make queries. Company API is a tool which the software uses to look up contact. If you want to gather any information about a company, the Company API will help you do it. You will then be provided with the company’s data such as website, employee capacity, and date of start of business, social profiles and a general overview of the company.


Email Verification API

You can improve your email deliverability by removing hard bounces, minimizing fraud and reducing spam complaints. This feature identifies whether an email address is valid or not and if it is deliverable. It works by performing multiple checks on the domain, mail server, account, and syntax. It also helps you to increase data quality by helping you catch any mistyped email address and prompt your customers to make corrections.

Card Reader API

The card reader API is one of the most reliable ways to bring business card information into your app. Not only is it accurate, it saves you a lot of time and is very simple to use. The software allows you to add business card transcription using a simple API call because it understands that visitors spend a lot of time in-putting business card details. The card reader API is better than other APIs because it uses real-life people and not bots to transcribe business cards, providing your customers accurate and complete data always.

Look-Alike Audiences

The software allows you get more customers which look like your already existing customers. By using a detailed data to understand your ideal profiles, you can create look-alike audiences which can help you grow your business. You will be able to build an accurate picture of your most prized customers which can help create brand advocates. This feature will help you effectively target users, purchasers, or decision makers.


When you use this software, you can rest assured that your data and privacy are taken care of. FullContact makes use of SOC2 Type 1, Cloud Security Alliance, U.S.-EU/Swiss Privacy Shield Compliant and PCI. It also employs a GDPR (CIPP/E) certified executive as a part of its corporate leadership.


FullContact integrates seamlessly with so many other applications. Some of them include Dativery, Front, HubSpot, LiveChat, Marketo, Slack, Zendesk, and many more.


On FullContact’s Apps pricing plan, you have 3 options to choose from: The Basic, Premium and Team Plans. The Basic plan is free and can sync with only 1 account. It features 10 Free Business Card Scans, Store 1K Contacts, 20 Contact Updates/week and 100 Contact Lookups/week. The Premium plan costs $8.33/month and can sync with 5 accounts. It includes 100 Business Cards Scans/year, Score 25K Contacts, 500 Contact Updates/week, and 500 Contact Lookups/week. Lastly, at $9.99/month/user, the Team plan includes everything on the Premium plan plus Team Contact Sharing, 1000 Business Card Scans/year, 500 Contact Updates/week and 500 Contact Lookups/week.

What is FullContact?

FullContact is software that helps businesses and organization collect data such as email address, website, phone numbers etc. of other companies and organizations.

Who can use FullContact?

FullContact is available for use by businesses, companies as well as enterprises.

Is FullContact free for use?

No, FullContact is not free for use. It, however, does have a free trial version available to you.

How long does FullContact’s free trial version last for?

FullContact’s free trial version last for a period of 14 days and does not require your credit card information.

How does FullContact’s Contact Sync work?

FullContact’s contact sync works according to your plan. On the basic plan, it pulls changes once every day from accounts like Google, iCloud or Office 365. On the Premium and Team Plans, changes are pulled in real time from your accounts.

What happens to my FullContact account when I go over my contact limit?

If you exceed FullContact’s basic limit of 1000 contacts or 25000 contacts on the Premium plan, your FullContact account will no longer sync changes with any of your other accounts. You will also be prevented from adding new contacts or uploading a file.

What does Contact Update mean on FullContact?

The contact update on FullContact searches for publicly available data to add to your contacts such as; job titles, locations, photos, social media profiles and many more. While the basic accounts receive these updates each month, premium accounts receive theirs every day.

How does the Email Signature work on FullContact?

The email signature which is available on the premium plan works by scanning the inbox of your Gmail for any newly updated email signatures and then automatically creates new contacts or update already existing contact using the information.

Can I cancel my FullContact plan anytime I wish?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time.

Can I switch between plans on FullContact?

Yes, on FullContact, you can switch between any of the paid plans at any time including those of the monthly or annual billing.

What payment options does FullContact accept?

FullContact accepts payment from any of the major credit cards as well as with iTunes or Google Play accounts via the Android or iOS apps.