FullStory's pixel-perfect session replay tells you everything you want to know about your customer’s online experience. Capture every click, swipe, and scroll.

Product Information

FullStory Security and Compliance


FullStory captures video and playback of all of your customer's session and experience data in one powerful and very easy-to-use platform. All your details remain intact and secure, no matter how minor they are. The recordings present a complete and faithful recreation of your website, exactly how your customers experienced it.

FullStory also captures your entire DOM and assets, as well as customers’ actions and mutations. All actions such as clicks and page transitions are automatically indexed, without the need for manually tagging them, so that you are able to search for anything at any time.

FullStory integrates perfectly with Shopify, Segment, HubSpot, Zapier, Zenefits, and many more.


FullStory helps you search your customer experience like you would the web. It lets you search everything like click, page transitions, and keypress. They are automatically indexed and can be accessed easily to any of your teams with a stake in the success of the customer. The search feature also helps you to find customers, summon page analytics, identify rage clicks and builds funnels instantly and more, simply by typing.

Highest Fidelity Playback

The playback on FullStory is not just a video, but a fully inspectable recreation of your website including assets, the DOM and JS console. The modern frameworks capture every single page application that is built on Angular, React or any other framework on JavaScript. You can co-browse with your customer in order to understand or help them troubleshoot their experiences as they happen to them.

Page Insights

This feature delivers crucial aggregated statistics on what your customers interact with and those that they don’t interact with. With click maps, you can reveal the most clicked elements on any page on your website, and also elements that are dead, error or rage clicked. You will be able to point and click on any element on your website page and see what percentage of your site visitors have interacted with it.


There are 3 pricing options available to you on FullStory: The Free, Professional and Enterprise. The Free plan includes 1000 Monthly Sessions, 3 User Seats, 1 Month Retention, Omnisearch, Searchies, Identify API, Session Playback, Rage Clicks, Integrations, FullStory TV, Customer User Attributes, Dead Clicks and Session Sharing. The Professional plan costs $199/month and includes 25,000 Monthly Sessions, 20 User Seats and 1 Month Retention, all the features of the Free plan plus Inspect Mode, Go Live, Export CSV, Error Clicks, Click Maps, Domain IP, Geography & User Agent Blocking and Reflection API. The Enterprise plan comes with higher volume and custom pricing. It includes all the features of the Professional plan plus Account Manager, Custom Agreement, Priority Support and Security Review. To find out the pricing details for this plan, contact FullStory’s Sales Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FullStory?

FullStory is software that helps many businesses learn more about its customer experiences.

Who can use FullStory?

FullStory is designed for use for all types of businesses including small, medium and large scale businesses. Enterprises can also make use of the software.

Is FullStory free?

There is a free package for you on FullStory. However, if you would like additional features, you have to subscribe to any of the paid plans.

How much does FullStory cost?

The price of FullStory varies from one plan to the other. However, pricing starts at $199/month.

What is included in the paid plan on FullStory?

FullStory’s paid plan comes with 25,000 monthly sessions, 20 user seats, and 1-month retention. It also comes with other features like session playback, identify API, dead clicks, FullStory TV, rage clicks, integrations and many more.

How do I set up FullStory on my website?

To setup FullStory on your website, simply paste the FullStory snippet into the head element via your Content Management System, via your application’s code, or via your online store platform.

How do I find my account’s script on FullStory?

To locate the script for your account on FullStory, simply go to Settings > General.

Can FullStory work with my complex website?

Technically, the answer to the question is yes. This is because it does not really matter how the page is manipulated. What matters is that the software sees the result of those changes.

What can FullStory record?

Some of the interesting things that FullStory records are; Script Modified Input Values, Window Resizing, Multi-touch Events, CSS Animations, Hover Cursors and Effects, HTML Audio & Video Playback, and many more.

Is there anything that FullStory cannot support?

Yes, there are a few things that FullStory cannot support. Some of them are Web Components, Shadow DOM, Canvas, WebGL, and Plugins like Flash, Silverlight, Java, etc.

What is a session on FullStory?

A session on FullStory is a series of user interactions that go on in your website, starting with the first page that a visitor visits and ending with a period of inactivity that lasts longer than 30 minutes.

How do I change my FullStory Plan?

To change your FullStory plan: simply go to Settings > Subscription. When there, you will find the billing menu from which you will be able to customize your session quota, data storage history, and pack add-ons.

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