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Use Geckoboard to build clear, effective data dashboards for your business that keep teams informed, motivated and aligned around your KPIs. Try for free.
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Geckoboard helps businesses track important metrics that can help grow their business. It is home to a number of top brands, including Marketo, Slack, Google Sheets, Github, Mixpanel, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.

Geckoboard is a business-op software used for visualizing, aggregating and sharing important data that propel your business. It allows you gather data from more than 70 different services, to create your own customized dashboard that communicates important data in real time. The software’s status boards are made up of widgets that your customers can use on third-party applications to obtain any data that they want to track. Some of these widgets also allow you to create multi-line charts, scatter graphs and bar charts.

Geckoboard also provides you with an API that you can use to customize your company’s widgets. You can also adjust individual dashboard to suit the branding and style of your brand, using CSS. In addition, it also allows you to share your finished dashboards with fellow team members, using user accounts.

Over 2,000 businesses and organizations use Geckoboard to speed up their internal reporting, track performance as well as create stronger relationships with clients and promote data-driven business decisions.


Import Metrics

Geckoboard allows you to import any metrics of your choice into the software. It has more than 60 pre-built integrations which enable you to pull live metrics from top businesses into the software. You do not need any formal knowledge to be able to do this. It also allows you turn data from an Excel file or Google Sheet into live visualizations. The flexible datasets API helps you to visualize metrics from databases, third-party applications as well as in-house systems.

Optimized for Office Wall

The software has been optimized for the wall of your office so that you can get a live dashboard in your office. It allows you to connect to a screen remotely, and manage which dashboards are being displayed. You can also easily add your company logo, to tailor the dashboards to match the theme of your business or brand. With Geckoboard, you can display different dashboards on a single screen.

Global Support

You will be provided with the best-in-class customer support that is on hand 24/5 to help you with any issues or queries no matter where you are in the world.

Collaboration & Secure Sharing Links

With Geckoboard, you can invite your colleagues and team members to build or edit dashboards with you. You can also share quickly in a chat or an email, a link to any of your dashboards for quick and easy participation.


There are 3 pricing options available to you on Dashboard: The Starter, Growth and Company Plans. The Starter plan is for small teams and start-ups that are beginning to build goal-oriented teams. This plan costs $25/month and includes 1 Dashboard and 1 User. At $149/month, the Growth plan which is ideal for growing businesses that want wider usage to focus their teams on includes 5 Dashboards and Unlimited Users. Lastly, the Company plan which provides you with all you need for a business-wide rollout to improve important metrics, at $599/month includes Unlimited Users and Dashboards. All of these plans come with Sharing Links, IP Restrictions, Easy Display on a TV, Dashboard Loops, Datasets API and iPhone App.

What is Geckoboard?

Geckoboard is software that provides businesses with important data that can help their business grow.

Who can use Geckoboard?

Geckoboard is designed for use for small, medium and large scale businesses.

Is Gekcoboard free to use?

No, Geckoboard is not free to use.

Does Geckboard offer me a free trial version?

Yes, Geckoboard offers you a free trial version.

How long does the free trial version of Geckoboard last?

The free trial version of Geckoboard lasts for a period of 30days.

Does Geckoboard require my credit card details before I can partake of the free trial?

No, Geckoboard does not require your credit card details before you can use the free trial version.

How much does it cost to use Geckoboard?

The pricing of Geckoboard varies according to the plan you choose. However, pricing starts at $25/month.

What is included in Geckoboard’s Starter plan?

On the Starter plan on Geckoboard, you will be provided with 1 Dashboard and 1 User, in addition to the additional features that come with all the paid plans.

What additional features come with the paid plans on Geckoboard?

All the paid plans on Geckoboard come with Sharing Links, Easy Display on a TV, IP Restriction, and Dashboard Loops, iPhone App, Datasets API and Dashboard Loops.

What happens to my Geckoboard account after the free trial ends?

After your free trial on Geckoboard ends, your dashboards will no longer be updated, and they will become inaccessible. However, if you would like to continue to use the software, you will need to choose any of the paid plans.

What happens to my Geckoboard account if I need more or fewer dashboards or users that the plan can take?

Geckoboard allows you to easily downgrade or upgrade your plan by adding or removing dashboards and users, provided that they are within the allowances of your plan.

How many dashboards will I need on Geckoboard?

The number of dashboards you will need on Geckoboard will depend on the number of different teams or audiences that you require to have their own dashboard. It is recommended that each team have an individual dashboard.

What is the size of a Geckoboard dashboard?

The size of a Geckoboard dashboard is about the same as a widescreen TV and typically visualizes less than 15 focused metrics, even though you have the ability to add as many as you want to.

Can I install Geckoboard on my server?

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot install Geckoboard on your own server. The software is a cloud-based application, meaning that it is updated regularly so that you do not have to.

What browsers does Geckoboard support?

Geckoboard supports many popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 and above and Safari.

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